Essay on The Scream Analysis

What is the first thing you think of when modern art is declared? Random paints scattered on a blank canvas? While this is a picture-perfect example of modern art, there is more to it than just random paintings: the artist has a goal. Wherever man exists, there is art, because art is anything made or done by man that affects or moves us so that we feel and see beauty. Man uses his mind to discover a unique beauty in which the artist sees his feelings and inspiration effects on how he will express his art.

Through the major progress of technologies and social variations that have taken place in the 19th century, Modern art thrived during this era and caused a lot of activities of modern art to form. Art also become man’s incentive in life because art can express an exclusive feeling in which a person is involved to that kind. This also means that a modern artist learns from themselves and does not need any training, a modern artist learns by themselves through their knowledges and mind.

Modern art has a very significant role in man’s life through antiquity, because it that does not first give us motivation but also the liberty to direct ourselves through the use of diverse mediums. Whether or not you gaze at numerous products of modern and contemporary art as being beautiful requires speculation. Beauty is obviously a variable that is open to distinct clarification and cannot be universalized simply. Applying your thoughts to works of art that are purposive and which may or may not have a certain purpose requires us to identify that there is often a contrast between beauty and art.

Not all artistic makings are designed to replicate an ideal of beauty or to suggest a response suggesting that one has met a beautiful object. Art that inspires me are “The Scream” and “It’s a Starry Night”. Why? Because when these paintings were made they came from emotions based on how you are feeling at that given moment. Paintings made by Vincent Van Gogh. “The Starry Night”. 1889. Oil on Canvas. Figure 1. 10 in “Living with Art”. Even painter Edvard Munch. “The Scream”. 1893. Tempera and casein on cardboard.

Figure 4. 5 in “Living with Art”. Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream has a lot of comparisons with Vincent Van Gogh’s art Starry Night. Both paintings were painted near the end of the period, during the fin de siecle, using bright embroidered colors and simpleminded figures and shapes. Both artists struggled with mental-illness during their lifetimes, but these paintings are some of the most reproduced and famous pieces of art in creation today. These paintings were made to express emotions and feelings felt from their own life.

Although they bear superficial similarities, the differences between Van Gogh and Munch are remarkable. My work would be similar in details with the intended use of strong lines both straight and curved, Munch’s brush strokes move the viewers’ eyes straight toward the distraught figure. The bold curved lines of the sky flow directly into the figure and endure to form the body of the individual. Van Gogh uses long, heavy yet equal brushstrokes to express feelings and motion.

Motion is the main element in this painting Vertical lines such as the tree and church tower delicately breaks up the composition without withdrawing from the powerful night sky. Van Gogh’s use of white and yellow creates a twisting result and draws attention to the sky. And the usage of color to send emotion. Munch also used colors that were contrast between hot and cold colors, contrast of complimentary. By using artless forms, Munch is able to force his viewers to focus on the emotions that the sight and subject secrete rather than simply viewing an exact picture of one particular scene.

The cautious use of balance also helps the viewers understand the indirect consequence of The Scream. Munch placed the unpleasant figure in the focal point and attains a sense of balance by inserting two smaller figures who are walking into the scorching sunset in the distance on the left side and by creating a dominant arch in the upper right hand corner. But the focal point created by Van Gogh is the tree-like structure projecting out on the bottom left. I chose these two artists they are the most well-known Expressionist artists of the twentieth century today.

Their oil on canvas art works are imaginative and even complex. Expressionist oil painting established toward the end of the nineteenth century, its growth developing mostly from Impressionism. . The subject of Expressionist oil paintings is commonly inaccurate. Extravagant in order to prompt emotion more strongly, when it came to the colors being used. And it’s frequently the powerful and brilliant colors of Expressionist oil paintings that draw people to this specific style. Which I believe can be used to make you an outstanding artist.