Essay On Unemployment In America

In the United States today, a huge social issue that Americans are facing is unemployment. Unemployment is so important today, because it has retaken its place in Americans’ minds as the country’s biggest social problem in the United States. According to brookings. edu, “The government’s report that the economy added only 74,000 jobs in December, while the unemployment rate dipped to 6. 7%, has left many feeling dispirited and confused “(1). This quote is explaining that the Economy is creating more jobs for the people, but still the numbers are falling for people that have jobs today.

When large numbers of people are unemployed, it has a widespread of social effects. If you can’t physically feed your family, or pay your rent, you need help. “Social service agencies are set up to provide help and relief (albeit limited) for people in these situations (Debate. org). ” But if you are too lazy to go out and work, and not be able to pay for this such as putting meals on the table, or a roof over your family’s head when you are capable, that’s the cause of unemployment. As can be seen, Unemployment ranks high as a huge social issue today.

P2. In the United States today, the new number one economic problem facing the people is American Productivity. Productivity is the rate at which Americans produce goods and services and being able to exchange value. According to CBS news it said “Even as hiring and the general outlook have improved since the recession, productivity has failed to rebound, prompting Capital Economics to call the issue “the No. 1 economic problem” facing the U. S. Productivity of nonfarm workers rose 1. 3 percent at a seasonally adjusted annual rate” (1).

This quote describes that the farmers are the only ones pulling their weight in America by roducing, at a good rate; on the other hand, everybody else is slowing down the process and making the productivity take a dive. There’s one hard truth about its impact: Without higher productivity, Americans’ standard of living will decay. It measures how your standard of living is going to increase. It won’t increase unless you are increasing more output for workers. “IHS U. S. economist Patrick Newport told CBS MoneyWatch. ” he says “If you care about your kid and their future, and if you want them to earn more money than you, it matters a lot”(1).

People in the United States need to understand this or America is going to be taking a huge step down from other countries, and possibly taking over for the great land we have here. As you can see, productivity is causing the largest threat to the U. S. economy. P3. The United States today, one of the most upcoming political issues is the aging of American Farmers. The issue is faced when the older farmers decide to retire; the new generation is choosing not to fill in, and in the future this can cause huge problems for people in the United States, and the rest of the world.

According to bigthink. om it states “Less than 10% of the nation’s 2. 1 million farmers have transition plans to pass their land and business to the next generation, yet in coming decades this will represent one of the single largest transfers of real estate and related wealth in history – how will that affect future generations, land prices, land development, farming operations and production” (1)? All of these unanswered questions are explaining that in the future, we may not have enough food to feed the people all around the world if young people are not willing to step up, and take over a business that is very needed in this economy.

The average American farmer, that is the principle operator of their own farm, was 57. 1 years old – nearly 17 years older than the average American worker” (1). This is the cause of the big future problem. This affects a huge portion of the world because; the United States is able to trade with other surrounding countries for other goods, and products we need. If we don’t have farmers to grow the food to feed America, we will not be able to collect other products we need from others, and this will start a big political war.

As you can see, the United States farmers could become huge political issue in the future. P4. In the United States today, the political issue of American Farmers is a reason that people in the U. S. and around the world could cause a revolution. The future of political problems in this case is in the American farmers hands. According to bigthink. com it says “There have always been ‘old’ farmers but the difference today is that there appear to be fewer people who want to fill their boots when they retire” (1).

This explains to the people if you want enough food, and the products we get from other countries, we need to do something about it now before something else (Politicians) is done that can start a revolution. When we trade farmer’s profits to other countries we get something in return to help us, if we can’t do this, the United States will become in even a bigger whole and will be hard to escape. So, in the future if all this happens, it’s possible for a revolution to start hoping it does not lead up to a war. As you can see, if we don’t take care of a future political problem, the United States could be flipped around.