Essay on What Are The Lessons Santiago Learned In The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is an intriguing novel that gives the reader wisdom and life lessons that would be beneficial to them throughout their life journey. Coelho displayed that particular wisdom and lessons through a young shepherd boy named Santiago. Santiago ventured out on a quest to find his dream, the treasure. Along the way Coelho placed certain people in Santiago’s path to give him wisdom and life lessons to help him find the foreseeable treasure that occurred in his dream.

Throughout Santiago voyage he gathered at least five valuable lessons to help him succeed in perusing his dream of finding the treasure that was near the pyramids, located in Egypt. The first lesson Santiago learned was to find his Personal Legend. Santiago learned this particular lesson from Melchizedek, the king of Salem. Melchizedek wants Santiago to find out what his desires in life are and how he can accomplish that certain desire. After Santiago found what a Personal Legend was and how it was important in helping Santiago live a prosperous life, he ventured out on a voyage to Egypt.

When we are younger, we knew somewhat of an idea what we wanted to be whenever we grow up. Some wanted to be a professional athlete, a doctor, or a dentist to name a few. These are examples of someone’s Personal Legend. Then later on in life they begin to figure out how to take the necessary steps in becoming a professional athlete, a doctor, or a dentist. By figuring out how to take the necessary steps they have to take action by training and studying whatever it is to be a successful rofessional athlete, a doctor, or a dentist.

The second lesson Santiago learned was change is obligatory for success and if no one accustoms to change, one can never be progressive but stay stagnant and always stay in repetition. Santiago learned this lesson from working with the crystal merchant. The merchant was irritable and grumbled constantly. Despite being irritable and grumpy he was fair towards Santiago. For every piece of crystal Santiago sold he received a profit.

One day Santiago made a suggestion requesting that the crystal merchant to build a display case for the bystanders to see the various crystals inside of the shop. After Santiago asked that the crystal merchant was very uneasy about his request and did not do anything about it because he did not allow change. Change is necessary when something is not going as expected. For example, whenever someone assumes that they have comprehended the material in their algebra Il class and come test time, they took the test and they receive the test scores back and they have flunked.

In order to be successful in the class they might need to change their study habits or the way they work out the problem. If that does not work out, maybe go see the teacher and if that does not work out, then, go get help from another teacher who might can explain the material to them for a better understanding. This relates to the crystal merchant in various methods of trying to sell his crystals to maximize his profit. One day he might not be making a suitable profit margin so he needs to change the way to get the crystals sold.

Maybe go door to door or like Santiago suggested placing the crystals in a display case. The third lesson Santiago learned was in order to be able to get what he wants, he has to make sacrifices. Along his journey, Santiago had certain people assist him in trying to find out where the treasure may be but in order for them to give him some assistance he had to give up something or make a commitment to bring a piece of his treasure. For example, the king of Salem asked for six sheep in order to validate Santiago’s dream.

Also, the gypsy woman wanted a piece of his treasure since she claimed that his treasure was near the pyramids of Egypt. In life there are certain circumstances where someone has to make sacrifices in order to get something they want. If they want to go somewhere and don’t have the money they go and ask their parents, if they are adolescents, and then they might have to sacrifice their time by doing something to repay their parents. For instance completing various chores like cleaning the garage or mowing the lawn.

The fourth lesson Santiago learned is that dreams can come into two forms, while one is sleeping and through certain aspirations. While asleep Santiago dreamed that a small child showed him a treasure near the bottom of the Pyramid. This dream led Santiago to pursue his purpose. He also learned that dreams are linked through aspirations. For instance Santiago’s dream of the treasure provided him with one particular goal in mind and that was to leave being a shepherd and go find that treasure. Throughout life dreams can and will come true.

First, if someone dreams or thinks about it, then it is probable that whatever that particular dream was will come true. In order for that dream to come true, there should be some aspirations set in place of trying to make that dream a reality. Everyone dreams that they want to be a millionaire but in order for them to be a millionaire they would have to set certain goals in order to be one; or in Santiago’s position, have a dream of becoming a millionaire while asleep then later on make those certain goals to become a millionaire.