Failure Of Reconstruction Essay

The reconstruction Era was full of hardships and pain, but in the end was a very important period of time. The South was the most affected by the civil war and reconstruction because it was the side that wanted to split in the first place. After the civil war, the South had to agree to stop slavery before they could join back into the United States. Reconstruction was hard for African Americans because many white men didn’t treat them equal.

The economy was a failure because many African Americans didn’t have a way to make money after being freed, many new laws were passed to make all men equal so political was a success, social problems sprouted because many white men didn’t agree with the African Americans getting equality. Many African Americans didn’t have jobs after they were free and couldn’t make a living to protect themselves. If you wants to work I’ll feed you and give you clothes but can’t pay you no money. ” (Document C) This quote shows failure in the sense that the African Americans couldn’t make a paycheck to live off of.

They managed to get by with working for other people and receiving food and clothes, but it wasn’t much different from slavery itself. The economy was bad during this time because of all the unemployed people needing shelter. All persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of inns, public conveyances on land and water, theaters, and other places of public amusement;” (Document G) This quote is saying that all men, including African Americans, are entitled to own land and property, although no former slave had enough money to own any property. Overall, economy was bad for African Americans during this time. The social aspect during reconstruction was a failure because many African Americans still weren’t being treated equal.

In document B, it shows a picture of the KKK and White League, holding up a banner showing all the horrible things they have done to former slaves. The KKK and the White League were social groups that fought against African Americans having freedom, and they tortured and scared them. They pillaged and burned school houses and hung many African Americans. This easily shows how the social aspect during reconstruction was a complete failure. “So him and two others struck me with a stick and told me they were going to kill me and every other Negro who told them that they did not belong to anyone. (Document H) This quote shows that many people hated the unusual and quick change, that they didn’t accept it. Many white men still treated former slaves like slaves. Socially, African Americans were not free, in many white men minds, they were still just objects.

Overall, reconstruction had a horrible outcome socially. Reconstruction had a positive impact politically because of how many new laws were being passed to try to make all people equal. “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied by the United States or by any State on an account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. (Document D) This shows that congress and the government were trying to provide equal rights to all people living within the United States, which is a success. Although many white men persisted that former slaves not get equal rights, the government didn’t listen, and kept pushing through with their overall goal, equality. Therefore, the political standpoint during reconstruction was very strong and stood strong until African Americans had equal rights.

In document F, it shows an African American man voting like any other man would. This show’s success because they eceived the right to vote and are over time, getting all the rights that any white men would have. Overall, reconstruction was a success politically. Reconstruction was a very hard time for the south and African Americans. The social and economical aspects were a huge failure as nobody wanted African Americans to have equal rights, and they had no good way of making a living; although, the political aspect was a success as many new laws were passed to help get all men and women equal rights, and it pushed through the outburst of people who argued against it.

African Americans had it hard during reconstruction due to social and economic problems. I believe that the area of reconstruction is social because without people agreeing, it’s very hard to get things done. There were social groups such as the KKK who fought against African Americans rights. These groups made it very challenging for the government and congress to grant them equal rights due to the outburst that would come from these groups that would ruin the whole thing.

There are still some problems that happened then that are occurring now. Racism is a prime example, there are still people who discriminate against African Americans even though we have moved on as a country. It makes no sense that people are still against this, but at least it’s not the whole South like before. The Reconstruction Era was a very important period of time that helped the South join back into the United States. It was hard for the South, but eventually it all pulled through to ban slavery and give former slaves equal rights.