Failure Of Reconstruction Essay

Reconstruction in the United States was very important after the civil war. The civil war was very important because it led to the freeing of slaves. During this time many new changes occurred. Reconstruction meant that things were being built and things like agriculture started to take over industries around the south. After the confederates lost the civil war most them had to rejoin the union and things got more complicated from there. But as time progressed a lot of things took place.

Now that the war was over the reconstruction period had many effects on the people, the economy and society in many ways, some were a great success and most were failures. Three major events during that took place during this time were the emancipation of slaves, industrial manufacturing expansions and the transitions of the economy. Many people were transferring to the lower class because of the huge loss of work services from unpaid slaves. More business had to shut down, but that is what led to the growth in agriculture in the south.

Many people started producing more crops because it was easier especially during the being of reconstruction. With the emancipation of slaves, it took a toll on many things within the economy. And the transition from 4 million of unpaid workers and slaves who were now allowed to get a job and live freely. There were a lot of positive and successful outcomes to reconstruction. After having to rebuild cities and the economy many positive changes took effect. One of those things was the fact that slaves finally got their freedom, after the civil war it was hectic with all of the new things happening.

Slaves being freed was an accomplishment because it meant these men and women finally got what they wanted. The main reason it was a good thing is because it allowed slaves to enjoy their own life. Another successful outcome was the the division of the house of representatives, and free public school for children ages 6 to 16 according to Document 1 “A southerner Describes political During Reconstruction” this was very important because it more people were becoming educated and although it was not very equal slaves during that time actually got a say.

And more Slaves got a better education when it came to reading and writing. Another successful outcome was the industrial growth, many businesses grew and many new resources were being grown and agriculture was at its highest since the war. Although there a lot of successful outcomes to reconstruction there were a lot of negative outcomes and failures. One of the main failures that was recognized was the fact that although getting rid of slavery was good, there were now 4 million people that had to be accounted for.

During slavery, slaves were known as property so it was slaves masters responsibilities to make sure they were accounted for, now they had millions of men women and children that are struggling now because they have no money and no land to settle, so the only alternative was to get a job, with a little experience, and the government did not help them as much as they should have, even though that type of money would come out of their pocket.

So most them got a job as which was just like slavery, They were working for little to no pay, and although they produced the crops not all of it was their own. They continued to work on plantations owned by masters. Based on Document 3 “A freeman describes His experience” he says that the government should have helped the men and women who were freed.

Another failure that occurred was that smaller businesses that depended on the work of slaves completely shut down, for example in Document 6 “A Tennessee family moves west”, it describes the financial ownfall of a buisman whose employees were all slaves, so he has move to change his financial status. The main failure was the new economic society and the fact that so many people even business owners were struggling because they were losing money and even land, and slaves did not have either from the beginning. In conclusion, reconstruction had many effects on society, and mainly the economy.

Following directly after the war a lot of new changes were taking place, some people might say that reconstruction was a bad thing and others might argue that it was a good thing, but it was actually just a huge turning point into a new era. Without reconstruction many things such as public education, would have probably not existed until later on like in the 1880s or later, reconstruction also contributed to growth in industrial manufacturing.

More crops were being grown and although people were struggling they moved to change their financial situation which help with the growth around the U. S during the time until 1877. Slaves had a hard time due to the ongoing challenges they faced living on their own, and without the help of the government is was hard for them, and many organizations such as the “KKK” were starting to form. But regardless of the outcomes good or bad, success or failure without reconstruction ,new world, or national order would have never took effect and more problems would have ruined the economy and new society that was forming.