Frank Luntz Framing Theory Essay

Individual Project: Framing Theory

Tiffani Stephenson

University of Florida ?
I. Theory summary—
The Framing Theory is a concept of “cognitive categorization,” with the basis that “meaning depends on context” (Scheufele 1999, Under the framing theory, an audience’s attention is drawn to events or issues placed within a frame, or a field of meaning, rather than on a particular topic. Although this sounds very similar to that of the Agenda Setting theory, framing is often a conscious choice by the media who act as gatekeepers, organizing and presenting these events and topics to the general public. When the frame, or surrounding elements, of a topic changes so does the meaning of the topic.
Framing is often…

”We should never use the word outsourcing,” Luntz wrote, ”because we will then be asked to defend or end the practice of allowing companies to ship American jobs overseas”’ ( Through Luntz’s quote, we see the framing theory in practice within politics.
Its additions, revisions, and extensions of framing, aren’t always simplistic in its explanations. It could also be argued that identification may be difficult since it is often confused for the agenda-setting theory. ?

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