Freedom Of Religion In Schools Essay

Freedom of religion? Are we really free to be apart of whatever religion we choose to believe in? If we are really free to believe in whatever religion we choose then why aren’t we able to pray in schools? Everyone in the United States has amendments that they have to obey. The first amendment to the constitution gives us the freedom of religion, speech, press, and the right to peacefully assemble. Even though we have the freedom to do these things we are not able to use them as freely as we should. In schools we cannot say pray as a class.

If you believe in a religion you should strongly believe in it where as you can hear someone else praying and be able to ignore it if it goes against your beliefs. In the United States the government is supposed to be for the people. Everyone is not apart of the same religion so the government worked together to take prayer out of schools, so that they will not offend any other religious beliefs. Public schools are funded by the government so they feel if prayer is lead by school officials then it will amount up to be a government-established religion.

Prayer was banned from schools in the year of 1962 to protect the beliefs of atheist from being taught to accept religious beliefs that they do not believe in. Atheist also believe that prayer insults those who believe that friends, possessions, or power can bring meaning or joy. As a citizen of the United States I can understand why they took prayer out of public schools. When you live in a world full of different religions and beliefs the world becomes diverse. Religions are not the only things that can make the world iverse but so can cultures and individuality. Everyone in the world have different beliefs in religion.

By there being different cultures and religions you cannot expect everyone to believe in the same religion. Prayer was taken out of public schools so that everyone will be respected and so that no one can force you to believe in something you do not. Public schools are schools that anyone can attend. When you attend a school you need to be comfortable so that you will be able to succeed.

With that being said we can still pray among ourselves the government just doesn’t want it to be led by school officials so that you respect everyone’s religion. In 1962 the right to freedom of religion was taken from United States Citizens. The United States Supreme Court justices ruled that official prayer had no reason nor place in public education buildings. The Supreme Court knew that this was taking away freedom of religion. When the law passed ruling prayer in public schools unconstitutional the Supreme Court Justices, and Government said they took prayer out because of the diversities within the schools.

Supreme Court justices said “Given the incredible diversity of American society, it’s important that our public schools respect the beliefs of everyone and protect parental rights. The schools can best do this by not sponsoring religious worship. ” With that being said the United States Government wanted to ensure that public schools welcome all children and leave religious beliefs up to them and families. Prayer is a spiritual communion with God or a way of worship.

Since prayer has been eliminated from schools for 53 years, we have had a six-folds in violent crimes, the suicide rate tripled has tripled, teen pregnancy has doubled, and SAT and ACT test scores have dropped by more than 10%. Prayer in school may not be the only thing that causes problems, but it is one of the reasons that we result in spiritual decline as well as school and work decline. Some United States citizens realized not because prayer is apart of their religion they need prayer to open knowledge to God existence. Understanding the Universe?

In biology class you talk about Evolution. According to google evolution is “the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. ” When studying deep into evolution you will see that evolution is the thought that human life evolved from apes. We need prayer in schools to help us to know that human did not evolve from apes, and the world did not just magically appear. Prayer helps us know that we need to study the Bible and get to know that God created the heavens and the earth.

It is good to start off your day talking to God because acknowledging him gets us through the day. There are many ways that you can acknowledge God. You can express the way you feel about God through more than just prayer. In school you cannot pray out loud but you can pray among yourself. You may not be able to acknowledge him out loud but God hears even the silent cries. In all your ways you should acknowledge God and keep your best foot fourth. Throughout the days your work may be a little bit challenging but remember to pray to yourself and carry on.