Argumentative Essay On Prayer In Schools

The world today has many issues and conflicting arguments. One of the arguments that has caught my attention is whether or not there should be prayer in school. According to Rebecca Klein, with (HuffPost Education), in the year of 2014 around 61% of Americans agree with daily prayer in school. While on the other hand, 37% of Americans do not agree with having prayer in school. To me, the schools in the United States should be allowed to have prayer in school because; morals should be taught, to restore Christianity, and to give the students the opportunity to express their feelings.

The first reason why I feel so strongly about this, is because we need to regain our moral standards. Since prayer was removed from schools, there has been a drastic change with society. According to David Barton, ever since prayer was removed from schools teen pregnancies have gone up 500% since 1962. The effect of the removal of prayer has not only affected that, but the number of unmarried mothers have risen dramatically. As well as the dropouts, divorce rates, and the student’s SAT scores have steadily declined. All of these results are directly related to the lack of morals.

While on the other hand, Christianity teaches morals. With morals the generation today and the future generations would have more success with being taught the moral sensitivity to failure. Christianity and prayer has a positive effect on people and gives them a positive attitude and something that they can believe in and rely on. Prayer in school would help the children grow up with the morals that they need. Another reason that prayer should be in school is to restore the Christianity. With Christianity there is a better world along with peace and guidance.

With young kids in schools, they should be taught the power of prayer at a young age. With Christianity being taught, there would be less hate in the world. Which would result in less tragedies that happen in schools across the country. For example: bombings, shootings, theft, and fights. But without Christianity hate and chaos is brought up more than love and peace. We see this happening in everyday life, and the young ones that see this think that it is normal. Again, they are our future and growing up around hate and chaos will bring more hate and chaos as time goes on.

Most children today don’t know anything about true guidance and the ones that do get made fun of or pushed around. Hate has overcome this world, that is why Christianity is so important and needs to be restored. Restoring the Christianity will not only help diminish the hate and chaos, but it could also help reduce the number of dysfunctional families today. Today the numbers of dysfunctional families rise as we find the children being abused and neglected. A dysfunctional family is one which conflicts, misbehavior, and sometimes abuse happens on a regular basis.

This can be a result of alcoholism, drug abuse, or even the parents continuing a previous pattern of dysfunctional behavior. If we raise children this way, think of what the world will be like in another decade. Christianity needs to be taught and spread throughout the country. With prayer in schools, the children raised like this will hopefully grasp the idea of being loved and not having to be scared. Prayer is what children like that need to learn about, instead of carrying a brick on their shoulder all the time prayer will relieve them in many ways. Lastly, children need to be able to express their feelings.

I grew up going to church every Sunday and believing that prayer solves everything. To me prayer is like a speech or a song, it is a form of expression. When I was worried, scared, or upset | would pray. With prayer there is comfort and a way to express yourself positively. Prayer is powerful, and with prayer in school more children would be helped and guided down the right path. As well as giving them a positive outlook on life. On the other hand without prayer, instead of children expressing their feelings through prayer, they express them through negative things.

This is where the teen pregnancies come in, along with drug abuse, under-age drinking, and theft. I do believe that prayer should be brought back along with 61% of Americans. On the opposing side, 37% of Americans do not agree with the idea of prayer being in school. However, there is a tremendous amount of positive outcomes that come along with bringing prayer back into schools like: better morals, more peace, and more love. Unlike not having prayer resulting in hate, chaos, and rebellious children. If prayer is brought back, society would slowly start to evolve in a positive way.

With morals being taught, Christianity being restored, and allowing the children to express their feelings in a positive way. We would see a huge change across the United States. I feel like prayer should never have been removed. It should be brought back and the Christians today should stand up for what they believe. We need more believers to make a better world. Although there are some that have different beliefs, they should have the right to act in a different form of prayer according to their religion.

With all this said I do believe that society would be better with raising the younger kids around prayer. Young kids have a mind like a sponge, they absorb things very easy. So instead of allowing them to absorb things that they shouldn’t be, if they grow up seeing their peers and teachers praying they would absorb prayer. Our future generations could be taught the power of prayer and change the world. Of course it would take time, but it is worth it. It’s all up to us, we can stand up as Christians for what we believe in and I believe in prayer. That is why prayer should be allowed in schools today.