Holistic Teaching Plan Case Study Essay

Case Study Two a Holistic Teaching Plan
This paper will discuss a holistic teaching plan for a middle age man with diabetes. Included in this paper will be the assessments needed to confirm the patient’s full needs are met. This nurse will be ensuring the patient’s wiliness to make changes. Teaching new life long changes will also be sure to include cultural and spiritual needs. Lastly, the paper will be covering a summary of the patient’s medication regimen and any drug interactions.
Assessing Needs Ensuring Holistic Needs Are Met
Assessments needed to ensure Mr. Hernandez’s needs should start with a simple assessment of his literacy level. Patients with diabetes, show an increase in complications when they are unsure of what they are…

Hernandez’s readiness to learn you must first assess if he even feels like he has a problem. According to a study performed by Teel, 1997, actual diabetes management cannot begin until the patient can understand the signs and symptoms of the disease. According to ACOG, stages in the readiness to change are pre-contemplation, contemplation, action, maintenance, and relapse. In pre-contemplation, the patient does not believe there is a problem. During contemplation, the patient knows the problem is there and is starting to think about making changes. Action stage is next and the patient starts treating the illness. Daily living gets easier for the patient during the maintenance stage since the patient is now comfortable with the treatment plan. Unfortunately, relapse happens and the patient reverts to their old…

Open-ended questions such as asking the patient what they feel the problem is and how are they willing to change allow the patient to easily talk. Giving feedback showing reflective listening makes the patient feel as if you are listening. Affirmations reiterate the patient’s strengths and make them feel they can change. Feedback wraps up the conversations clarifying any muddy points.
Cultural and Spiritual Considerations while Coaching
As stated before many Latinos, use Curanderos for spiritual and health healing. Encouraging patients to continue using the Curanderos and traditional medicine make it easier for patients to be receptive to new health management. Latinos believe in spiritual healing through herbs and chants. Their faith in god is strong. Many believe the power of prayer can heal the sick. Trying to allow old traditions to mix with the new medical techniques reduces anxiety and allows patients to contemplate what needs to happen for their health.
Nutrition and Exercises Can Make a…