Hollywood Wax Museum Essay

UCLA Distance From My House UCLA is about 2,119 miles away from my house. Which is about a 33 hour car ride. If you took a plane to UCLA then it would take about 5 hours and 50 minutes. Depending on the flight you get, the gas for the car ride would be just as much as the plane so why not just fly. 5 Attractions One attraction is the Hollywood Wax Museum. The Hollywood Wax Museum is 6 miles away from UCLA. the Hollywood wax museum contains wax replaces of all of your favorite movie and tv show actors.

It also has replicas of famous singers and dancers. The museum opened on February 25, 1965 and claims o be the only wax museum dedicated solely to celebrities. It is the longest-running wax museum in the United States. Another attraction close to UCLA is the Regency Village Theatre. The Regency Village Theatre is 0. 5 miles away from UCLA. the Regency Village Theatre is just like any other theatre where you can watch all of the new movies that come out in theatres. The Regency Village Theatre is also known as the Fox Village Theater. It is owned right now by Regency Theaters. The Regency Village Theater has been one of the leading film premiere theaters in the history of movies.

A third attraction is Westfield Century City Westfield Century City is 2. 5 miles away from UCLA. Westfield Century City is just like a big mall, it has movies, stores, and restaurants. Westfield Century City is sometimes known as Century Square Shopping Center. It is a two-level, 900,000square-foot outdoor shopping mall in the Century City commercial district. Santa Monica Blvd. is another attraction near UCLA. Santa Monica Blvd. The west end of Santa Monica Boulevard is at Ocean Avenue by the Pacific Ocean. From there until the San Diego Freeway, Santa Monica Boulevard is a very popular street where many famous people shop.

Santa Monica Boulevard is at least four lanes wide for most of it. There are a lot of exotic car dealerships are on Santa Monica Boulevard. A last attraction is Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is a city in California surrounded by Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Beverly Hills was originally a Spanish ranch where they grew lima beans. Beverly Hills became a larger city in 1914 when a group of investors had failed to find oil, but found water instead and eventually decided to make it into a city. By 2013 the city had about 34,658 people. Beverly Hills is sometimes called the 90210, which is one of its ZIP codes.

It has been home to many actors and celebrities throughout history. Criteria for Admission UCLA receives applications from way more students than it can admit. To get admission to UCLA you need to present an academic profile that is much better than the represented minimum UCLA admission requirements. You will need 2 years of history/social studies, 4 years of english/language arts, 3 years(4 recommended) of math, 2 years(3 recommended) of laboratory science, 2 years(3 recommended) of language other than english, 1 year of visual and performing arts, and 1 year of college preparatory electives.

As far as tests go all you need to do is submit scores from the SAT tests or the ACT tests. 5 Majors Theatre: The theatre program at UCLA has comprehensive training for the line of work. The students engage in the presentation of dramatic work. Also the students study the long history of theatre and rich literature. Physics: At UCLA, the physics program is an undergraduate program. It includes an introduction to theoretical and experimental work. It is located in the College of Letters and Science.

Biology: UCLA has a bad biology program. It is one of the smallest programs at UCLA. n the UCLA website there is only like a Paragraph about it. Chemistry: UCLA has a good chemistry program. There is about 10 different types of physics classes that you can take. Most of the things that you do are hands on and long-term projects. Media: UCLA has a good media program. The website for the media program was made by the students at UCLA. In the media program they do things like creating the UCLA student newspaper. Housing UCLA’s original residence hall was Hershey Hall. It was on Hilgard Avenue in the south part of campus. It was named after Mira Hershey, who gave $300,000 to have an all-women’s dorm built.

The original Hershey Hall was built in the 1930s and is still in use today as an academic building. The west wing that was added later was demolished to make way for a Science Building. Today, UCLA’s entire undergraduate residential community is located on a ridge on the northwestern edge of the campus called “the Hill”. The Hill has 17 towers and 5 residential complexes. It has 11,000 residents, dining halls, commons buildings containing student services, conference facilities, classrooms, facilities for recreational and varsity sports, the Southern Regional Library, and The Tom Bradley International Hall.

Students on the Hill are under the care of the Residential Life or the “Office of Residential Life”. The Hill recently had the “Northwest Campus Fill-In Project”. The project added 1,525 beds, 10 faculty in-residence apartments, a 750-seat dining hall, and four residential towers in 2013. Two of the towers, Holly Ridge and Gardenia Way opened in February of 2012. The other two, Sproul Cove and Sproul Landing, were completed in September 2013. Sproul Cove is on the ridge below Rieber Hall. Sproul Landing stands on the former site of the Office of Residential Life, which has relocated to Tom Bradley International Hall.

De Neve Plaza is one of 6 residential areas in The Hill. De Neve Plaza was named after Felipe De Neve also known as “The Founder of Los Angeles”. There are 9 parts in De Neve Plaza their names are Acacia View, Birch Heights, Cedar Bluff, Dogwood Glen, Evergreen Pass, Fir Grove, Gardenia Way, Holly Ridge, and De Neve Commons. Front desk and mail services, as well as classrooms and conference facilities, are located in De Neve Commons. Food options are the De Neve Residential Restaurant, which is changed nightly to quick-service options, De Neve Late Night and My Pizza and Wings. Hedrick Court is another in of 6 residential areas in The Hill.

Hedrick Hall is named after a UCLA senior administrative officer, Earle Raymond Hedrick. Hedrick Summit is one building in the Hendrick court the building has 9 floors and about 900 people. Within this complex there is a TV lounge, recreation room, study lounges, and controllable AC for every individual room. There are no dinner options for Hedrick Summit. Mascot UCLA’s mascot is the bruins. At home football games in 1924 UCLA used to have real bears come onto the field and the fans came up with the name Joe Bruin for one of the bears and the name stuck. UCLA came up with Josephine (Josie) bruin so that joe could have a girlfriend.

Ever since the 1960s UCLA has made two bear costumes that two students wear to represent joe and Josephine(Josie) bruin. Tuition For a graduate the in-state tuition including books, insurance, and housing is $30,898. For an undergraduate the in-state tuition including books, insurance, and housing is $34,062. For a graduate the out-of-state tuition including books, insurance, and housing is $60,744. For an undergraduate the out-of-state tuition including books, insurance, and housing is $48,238. So, in my case tuition would be $60,744 because I live in Indiana and I would be getting a graduate degree.

Clubs One club at UCLA is the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club. There is about 20 people on the team. The club competes against other Ultimate Frisbee clubs from other Colleges. The Ultimate frisbee club is a be a good way to get to know some of the people around the campus while also having fun and staying active. The second club at UCLA is the Tennis Club. The tennis club goes to other school and plays against other schools tennis clubs. The Tennis club was founded in 2002 by a student named Mark Otten. Today, the club has over 200 members that practice every year. A third club is the adventure club.

The adventure club goes to many different location near UCLA and they basically camp out and stay the night there. Either they do that or they go hiking on a trail that leads into a forest or something interesting. The club i just for people that are bored being normal o they want to go places. A fourth club is the men’s rugby club. The men’s rugby club practices rugby just like a real rugby team. The original club was created in 1934. Since the club is so old most people consider the club a team. They have competed against my large university teams. The last club is the men’s lacrosse club.

This year the lacrosse club didn’t do that great and ended the season with a 5 and 8 record. The club thought that they could do better that 3 games away from a. 500 season but they couldn’t. The coaches of the team said that the freshmen class looks promising for the club. 5 facts UCLA has a yearly budget of $6. 7 billion. This budget money comes from the money made from sports fundraisers and tuition fees. The money goes to whatever sports, clubs, and/or classes that need it. UCLA has a higher budget than a lot of other schools because it is a larger and more well-known college.

UCLA has the most college performances in the western U. S.. These performances include sports performances and theatrical performances. The fact that UCLA has a very large theatre program helps because UCLA puts on about 55 plays a year. On top of that UCLA has all of the sport’s regular season home games. UCLA has won 11 NCAA basketball championships. UCLA won the NCAA championship in 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, and in 1995. UCLA has won 113 NCAA team championships. UCLA leads that nation with NCAA champion teams. UCLA has a faculty of about 4,300 people. Food plans