The Role Of Chicanos In Hollywood Essay

Throughout the years Chicanos have had to face many adversities, perhaps more than any other minority. Chicanos are considered to be those that are of the Mexican decent or of that origin, with that being said California had and has always had a vast population of Chicanos for many decades. Nowadays the triumph of many Chicanos and even other Latinos is very well seen in the Hollywood world due to the reason that times are different and many things have changed when you compare it to the early days of Hollywood.
During this course we were assigned to watch certain films that demonstrated the way Chicanos were viewed by non-Chicanos. The films I got observe both had negative condensation toward this group of people. They were being accused unfairly as well as treated very badly, sensationally facing discrimination and racism based upon their looks and was of speech and the way some dressed. These films were sending out a negative perspective out to society and causing even more hardships to the Chicanos outside of Hollywood and even to those trying to become part of the Hollywood social scene….

During this time the presences of Chicanos lacked and when they did make a presence in a film the roles they filled were very much of those of gangs, people being accused of crimes and so on. The other thing that this group argued was that the roles that were very much using the typical stereotyping of the Chicanos (Salvador Trevino…