The Witch And The Cow Analysis Essay

This was the first time I saw The Witch and the Cow, however, it is the second time I saw Teat Beat of Sex. My reaction to The Witch and the Cow was that it didn’t feel like a story. My expectations for animations are stories which I have broaden my views after Signe explained that she only saw the same type of films in Hollywood. This is like how I’m only exposed to a certain type of animation. Even though there were repetition of actions like the cow poop and chasing cows, I was waiting for a more relevant action for the story. It was very funny and creative because its a tiny witch in a pile of cow’s poop.

There were many unexpected reactions like when the witch killed the cow and I was expecting blood, but instead there were millions of tiny cows. My favorite part was when the cow drank its own milk that was flooding the screen. I felt like this was really unexpected and unconventional so it became so funny for me. My reaction to Teat Beat of Sex is different because my very first viewing of it was during my research. When I saw it, I was really confused and surprised by its content. However, it made more sense to me after Signe explained how she came up with the idea and what it suppose to be conveying.

After understanding the context, Teat Beat of Sex became funny rather than weird. Personally, I think her honestly made things funny because things in the video came through my mind before so I felt like its funny that she actually put these weird thoughts into an animation. Overall I love Rocks in My Pocket, a funny film about depression is very interesting. The most memorable point about her film are the reactions from the premier of the film. When she mentioned that her older relatives were mad, younger relatives were thankful and the others are appreciative.

I think it was very powerful that the different groups of viewers got different opinions especially when the general public told her that every family has this problem. Even though Rocks in My Pocket referred to Signe’s life, the true for many lives were reflected as well. I think Signe made a very smart choice by making her family with various ages the characters and making depression the topic because everyone can relate to it. I believe that when a film is the most effective when it can relate to a wide range of audiences like this.

The order in which the story is told is also very well presented because she told the family story in chronological order which brings the audience into her family. Then she asks the question and used flashbacks. By giving the audiences a family background or context in the beginning, allows the audiences to sympathize more with the characters. Personally, it was a little bit difficult for me to understand her narration in the beginning, but later on I was able to adjust and her voice made the film unique. It felt like she was there telling the story. Another component of the film that fascinates me was the mix of media.

There was a scene with real footage of a car, there were stop motion, 2D and 3D animations. It is interesting not only because it relates to her modeling hobby, but also because it gives the work a lot of dimension. However, I think the scene with real footage is too wild. The change in media like how it changed from 2D on 3D or 2D on 2D to scenes of her cousin’s house with moving planes in a 3D background, correlates with the change of the characters and time. Signe made so many interesting comments about life as an independent female animator which are very interesting for me because I want to be a female animator.

I think that Signe is a very funny person because I enjoy listening to everything she says. I truly agree with Signe when she mentioned how people always think she draws children cartoons when she said she is an animator. My parents used to think that animations are for kids as well. I also respect her for how she views her life. I remembered so many things she said especially when she said she doesn’t take her medicines because she doesn’t want to be a vegetable. As an artist, Signe wants to feel pain and she wants to be able to control her own life despite her mental issues. I also respect her for her bravery in telling her family secrets.

It truly shows that she is proud to be who she is. I agree with Signe about how all Hollywood movies have the same setup or plot recipe because I feel like that is what are being taught in film school. I appreciate independent film makers and animators, but for me I still don’t know where I want to go. I think independent are more risky. Signe views animation as a way to express herself. I agree with her that animation can be a very useful tool to express your wildest thoughts because they can make the imaginary a reality. However, for me I want to create animation to make others happy.

After listening to Signe’s life stories, I felt like my life is so ordinary, but I think her stories made me realize how we all are interesting and unique in our own ways. Lastly, I want to comment on how HBO and other television companies thinks her work wouldn’t sell. In my opinion, I think that films have this certain stereotype and animations have a certain expectation-cartoons for kids- is because of the big companies that run the shows on television. They filter what is shown to the public. So I think more people and the public should support more independent filmmakers to get a wider view on the film industry.