How Are Othello And Iago Similar

Othello, by William Shakespeare is a fictional tragedy that depicts Othello’s life as he goes from being a loyal general to turning into an irrational monster because of his wife’s deceit. Othello was unaware of the fact that his new bride Desdemona had been cheating on him with Othello’s lieutenant Iago. Othello was an African general in the Venetian army. Othello married Desdemona, a white woman who’s father disapproved of his mixed race son-in-law.

Othello trusted Iago so much that he held Othello’s position as General of the Venetian armed forces making Iago Othello’s Lieutenant. Othello had no idea that Iago was conspiring to take away Othello’s life because Iago was jealous of Othello and wanted Othello’s job. Othello became extremely insecure about his relationship with Desdemona after being told by Brabantio, Desdemona’s father, that if he were to harm her in any way it would mean “an Othello’s life is not worth Othello’s care” (Pg. ) Othello believed Iago when Iago said that Desdemona was cheating on Othello with Cassio and Othello started to think about killing his wife because of what Iago had told him.

Othello completely lost the ability to think critically and blamed everything wrong in his life on Desdemona including the fact that he killed all of my men in war which turned out to be untrue. Othello strangled Desdemona with a handkerchief, believing she had been unfaithful, and killed himself after realizing that he had been tricked into murdering his innocent wife

Iago is a fictional character that appears in William Shakespeare’s Othello. Iago is Othello’s lieutenant and Othello trusts Iago more than anyone else allowing Iago to have a lot of power with Othello. Othello only knew Desdemona for a short period of time before their wedding but still loved her dearly, while Othello had been friends with Iago for years. Iago was jealous that Othello would choose his new wife over him so he made up lies about Desdemona cheating on Othello to get Othello to kill his innocent wife

Othello was tricked into thinking that his new white wife cheated on him with one of Othello’s men named Cassio when in reality it was Othello’s lieutenant Iago who was Othello’s wife Desdemona’s real lover. Othello, an African man became extremely insecure about his marriage to a woman named Desdemona because he trusted Othello so much and Othello said that Othello would kill him if Othello ever thought there was anything going on between them and Desdemona didn’t deny it when Othello accused her of cheating which made Othello even more certain that something was going on behind his back.

Iago convinced Othello that Desdemona cheated on him by arranging for Roderigo, a drunken fool who lost all of his money to Iago gambling, to confront Desdemona as she returned to Othello’s home. Othello confronted his wife about her infidelity and she denied it but Othello didn’t believe her because Othello said I could kill you if I ever thought that there was something going on between us” (Pg. 1) Othello wasn’t able to think rationally after he decided that Desdemona was cheating so Othello killed Desdemona by strangling her with a handkerchief believing that she had been unfaithful to him.

Othello and Iago from Othello are both despicable characters that use their powers of persuasion to convince Othello that Desdemona is unfaithful. Othello is a black man, initially trusting and honorable but becoming a slave to his own jealousy. Iago on the other hand is Othellos’ ensign who after being passed over for promotion vows revenge by convincing Othello that Desdemona has been having an affair with Cassio. Othello then kills both his wife and her lover in a fit of rage during the final scene of Othello .

The two characters Othello and Iago have several things in common. They’re both incredibly persuasive , both lie throughout the play, Othello is manipulated by Iago, Othello and Iago have a victim, Othello strangles his wife to death at the end of the play, Othello and Iago both have control over someone else. Othellos’ victim is Desdemona, while Iagos’ victims are Othello and Cassio.

Othello kills his wife out of blind rage after being told that she has been cheating on him with other men while Othello was away fighting battles for the Venetian army . In contrast, Othellos’s ensign Iago makes Othello think that Desdemona has been cheated on in order to get revenge since he was passed over for promotion to lieutenant.

Othello’s Iago is one of the most complex villains written. Othello himself is a tragic hero, making Iago his foil character. Othello relies on what people tell him, while Iago tells Othello exactly what he wants to hear in order to manipulate him. Othello appears trusting by nature but there are signs that even before meeting Desdemona that he may have been suspicious of others. Othello indicates upon their first meeting that he wants to be sure of her faithfulness saying “Then must you speak / Of one who loved not wisely but too well” (I. ii. 143-144).

Othello does trust Desdemona until suspicions are planted by Iago, Othello begins to doubt her. Othello’s trust in Iago is what ultimately leads Othello to kill Desdemona, leaving Othello the tragic hero of the play. Othello has good traits that Iago lacks such as loyalty and honor, Othello shows this throughout the story when he defends Cassio on numerous occasions. Iago starts off appearing friendly to Othello but slowly reveals himself to be conniving and manipulative.

Just like Othello does not pick up on subtle hints Iago leaves him about Desdemona’s infidelity, Othello fails to see any of his faults making them similar in having lack of insight into themselves. This quality of being blind to their faults is what Othello’s makes Othello and Iago similar. Othello is naive just like Iago is at the beginning of the play, Othello does not suspect Desdemona because she treats him with great love and respect, which he has never received from anyone else.

Othello appears to trust his so called friends by only observing them rather than looking for hidden motives behind their actions. Iago is Othello’s exact opposite in this aspect as he doesn’t trust people easily, but once Othello trusts Iago then Iago gains influence over Othello until Othello no longer can think or act for himself. It’s clearly visible that they are both unreliable allies throughout the story.

Othello displays his love for Desdemona with “O my fair warrior” (III. iii. 227) Othello always refers to her as a soldier showing Othello’s deep love for her, Othello’s jealousy surrounding Cassio is the key factor that causes Othello to become suspicious of everyone around him ultimately leading towards his downfall just like Iago is revealed as Othellos undoing. Othello trusts Iago, which leads to Othello’s demise because of Iago’s manipulation of Othello.

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