Is Technology Beneficial To Today’s Society? Essay

Technology at its Finest Is technology beneficial to today’s society? Some of the reasons why technology is good for our society is that there are lots of great inventions that technology has given to this world. Many inventions that help improve people’s lives and people don’t appreciate of what technology does for us. Technology is great and people are wrong about it. In the past, there was only one way of talking to someone and that is, face to face or by letter. People would have to send letters all by mail. Then they created phones that helped people talk to each other on the phone from anywhere but it wasn’t portable until later on.

There later on came cellphone towers, then cell phones. Now that they have cell phones they don’t have to talk to each other they can just send each other texts. There then came the computer around 1977 it began to become popular in the market that was named Personal Computer, it was a micro-computer (Brown 56). If you stop and think about it, imagine life without computers, phones, and the internet, everything technology related. How would the world be without them? Would we change in any way? Exactly you don’t want to think of our life without technology because you know it helps us and we couldn’t live without it.

People say that technology is horrible for the world; well there wrong technology is the best thing in the world people just doesn’t use it right. Technology has been used wrong it’s the people that are making it bad. Sure there has been Facebook that has people cyberbullying, but it’s not social media. Social media was supposed to be used to contact relatives and friends from anywhere, but instead it’s being used to bully people putting rude comments etc. People have turned this great big thing into something that shouldn’t have been invented. The Technology was supposed to improve our lives not make them harder.

There have been some technology inventions that have been used for good purposes and not bad, like tools that help scientist with their research. Medical tools to like x-rays etc. Those technologies improve and society can live without them. People need to understand that society has always been changing throughout history and that technology is just one of those things that cause a great change. Our advance in technology has and always will be a good thing that will always benefit our world (Lafayette) There is 4 main important reason why technology is good for our world, it saves lives, time, energy, helps communication.

It saves live by having advanced technology in medicine. Technology improves for medical uses and keeps advancing in that to help save people. It saves time because there are inventions that do that like watches, alarm clocks, reminders, etc. It saves energy because there are solar panels that help many people save money and use solar energy to power things it’s also great for the environment. There are inventions that help you at home for the appliances like the thermostat that you can control all through an app. Many technology inventions that help people and they just don’t use it right.

We can use many technology inventions like the internet to communicate or research things, we can also do all that on a mobile device. Technology to people can be a bad or good things, it’s a good thing depending on the way you use it. If people don’t use it right then it’s not the technology’s fault it’s the person fault. Technology has brought great things to this world and its being corrupted by all the negative things people say about it when technology has brought a positive way to this world and it’s just the people that make it bad.

There is this great technology invention, the 3-D printer. It’s just got invented for so many good uses, but then the military got a hold of it and use it to make weapons. See it’s the people that turn great tech into bad things. Technology is a very great thing that has been brought to this world people just don’t know how to use it right and that’s why they say it’s a bad thing. There has been new tech that got invented in the past and in the future, there was some tech that started technology. Technology helps people communicate and get together.

There’s a reason why technology is good and that’s because people use it right and it helps many people. “There is an accelerating growth in technology from the 1400s to 2105”. (The internet of the things and transportation-Miovision) Tech is good people don’t use it right that’s why there are negative comments on tech. There are the important reasons on why technology is good and how it helps us and the world a better world. Technology is a great thing People need to know how to use it right and not bad, when they use it right the technology gets noticed as the best thing that has helped this world