How Do Cell Phones Affect Society Essay

Cell phones are changing social interaction. Having a cell phone is a really good thing to have for emergencies or any other type of situation you’re in. using your phone is fine but using it a lot does affect the way you see the world, once you do let go of that phone you should notice things more. Many teens and very few adults use phones a lot but mostly the young adults use it more often.

Cell phones creates us humans to struggle in particular occasions because we don’t pay attention to what were supposed to be doing, phones makes us talk to our friends more by texting but less by a face-to-face conversation with one another, and last having a cell phone and using it all the time affects the young adults at school and the adults at work due to them not paying attention to what they have to do. So you should start letting go of that phone and open up more to your friends, family and more.

Using our cell phones causes us humans to have a difficult time in school and in many other different occasions because we seem to pay more attention to our phone than what we’re doing in our real life. Notifications from your phone always seem to throw people off in what their supposed to be doing. Having dinner with friends, in a line waiting for something at a store, at a gym where you’re supposed to be working out, and having a coffee with a particular friend are all special occasions that you’re supposed to be focusing on.

Instead you’re all on your phone, being on your phone and not being focused on where you’re at and who with might be rude to the other person who took time out of their day to spend time with you and your not even talking to them. Pay close attention to the ones that are there for you because if you aren’t there for them they might leave you any time soon. Having our cell phones affect us in many ways, one way is that we start talking to our friends less in person and maybe even our family members as well.

The cause of this is because we seem to stay stuck on our phones and start to send text messages to one another, picture this even if you were in a room full of people that you know but you don’t talk as much as you do in person than in text messages, so you’ll just start texting them right there in the room and their right there! Also in text messages that you send to your friends you will use more slang words in your text and using slang words cause us young adults to mispell words while writing an essay because were used to those many different slang words.

In the article it states that on the phone while texting 15 percent of the young adults have ended their relationship with another by a text message and 25 percent state that they have been dumped by a text message. Why is it that you cant just confront them about it? maybe because technology has messed up the way we want to talk to others face-to-face so we dont have the nerve to say what were actually saying in a text.

What about school and work? Don’t you think that the way you guys be on your phones all the time affects your grades at school and the way you work at your job. Well it does affect you a lot because your education and your job is way more important than your phone. Using your phone the whole time throughout the day is just a waste of time, you should go and do things in the world, experience new things that you never even knew of.

For the young aults at school paying more attention to their cell phone than work in class is gonna really make your grades go down and i know you really don’t want that to happened, because what would your parents think? For the very few adults that do be on their phone more than they pay attention to their job, you will end up with the consequences that do affect your job, they might fire you because you seem to not care for the part they gave you in your job.

Young adults and adults should pay more attention to the hings that are actually important in their life. In my words i suggest for everyone even me to go out in the world, go out with friends to dinners, parties, and special events and to just have fun with one another instead of being stuck on that phone all the time. Have new memories with your friends and family members because you’ll never know if something wrong happenes. So just live your life to the fullest and spend some time off that phone. You’ll have a better vision in this world and a better relationship with everyone.