Argumentative Essay: Why Electronics Should Be Used In School

Why Should Electronics Be Used In School There has always been debates about electronics being used in school since the technology started to improve. This past years there has been many arguments or debates about rather the school should let the students use electronics during school or not not let the students be using electronics. There is plenty of point of views discussing about this topic but both sides have make good points on why or why not electronics should be used during school.

Even though people say that phones should be allowed in my opinion I think that phones shouldn’t be allowed in school. A reason that people may say that electronics are have to haves in school because some may say that they can even help the parents by knowing that their kids are safe for example in www. education. cu-porland. edu it says,” Cellphones and smartphones can offer parents a little more peace of mind when their children are at school. Parents know that in an emergency the student can contact them and vice versa.

In addition, more and more cellphones and smartphones contain GPS devices that can be tracked if necessary. “In this quote it shows that it not only helps the kids or students it actually gives the parents a chance to know that their kids are safe in any time. This is very helpful for the parents because they would know where that kids are at 24/7 which makes the parents relaxed that their kids are not in danger. Another reason that some people’s point of views approve electronics in schools is that students can use their electroncs for school reasons for example in www. ducation. cu-porland. edu it says,” Access to the Internet provides for instant answers for the curious. This is the search-and-learn environment kids are involved in today. Now, when they want to know “Why do leaves change color,” they are only a “search” away from learning. This also gives students the ability to get an answer to a question they may feel uncomfortable asking in class. If a teacher uses a term they don’t understand, they can find the answer discreetly, and without interrupting the class. “This quote shows that this helps the students actually learn it good.

If they have a question they can can search it and get the answer right away and that helps a lot. Electronics can be an advantage in learning in school and it opens doors for the students to find the answer by themselves with anybody helps and that is good because in the future the kids are going to be independent. Likewise, people may say that electronics should not be allowed during schools for many reasons. An example in ww. teenink. com it says “Health effects aside, it is well know that texting in class has become a growing epidemic.

When students are allowed to have their phones with them in class, many will take this as an opportunity to use them. This leads to disruptions in class, bullying, and even cheating on tests. There has also been some discussion on whether texting effects spelling and writing in the classroom setting. If students are texting in class, “computer talk” can affect their grades. In a survey on edutopia, fifty-four percent of people found that texting was having an effect on the writing habits of young people. In the quote above it says that phones during school can actually affect your health an example is that it causes stress in www. medicaldaily. com it says “The high frequency of cell phone use can have negative effects on our stress levels. The constant ringing, vibrating alerts, and reminders can put a cell phone user on edge. In a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, researchers examined if there is a direct link between the psychosocial aspects of cell phone use and mental health symptoms in young adults.

The participants of the study included 20 to 24 year olds who responded to a questionnaire, in addition to a one-year follow-up. Researchers found high mobile phone use was associated with stress and sleep disturbances for women, whereas high mobile phone use was associated with sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression in men. Overall, excessive cell phone use can be a risk factor for mental health issues in young adults. “The quote shows how the cell phones can affect you without you even knowing and that is harmful for you.

In addition,phones not only affects your health and stress levels it also hurts your education for the reason that it doesnt prepare you for the future. An example in www. wjpsnews. com it says, “Cheating on tests would also become a growing problem. In many schools, cheating is already a big problem. If students are allowed to carry and use their cell phones, cheating would become easier. If students are given permission to use their cell phones, administration can’t really limit them and tell them that they can’t have it for a certain period that day. Even if limits are put in place, rules aren’t always followed.

What this quote is trying to say is that if they allow the students to use their phones there is a big chance that they will cheat in a test and that doesn’t help them because they are not learning the material. If they cheat on a test they are cheating themselves and that would not help you in the future also like a teacher said to my class “Don’t shoot yourself on the foot” because cheating is not going to help you in any way no matter what. Even though I would like to use my phone during class I know that, that using my phone in class is not going to help me.

If I was able to use my phone in class I will get tempted on using my phone during class and that can affect my education. If you cheat and take short cuts it will affect you not only in school it will affect you in the future. Also if you cheat yourself when you are young there is a big chance that cheating is going to become a habit and that’s a bad habit you can have. Phones should never be allowed in school for many reasons but the main reason is that phones are not going to help you succeed now or in the future.