Kaityln Rings Smith

Walking into a room and not knowing a single soul can be an irritating situation and sometimes even a scary one. This type of event can occur almost anywhere-from the workplace to the classroom. But the big question is: How does a person keep from making this situation so impersonal? In this essay, people will become more acquainted with Kaityln Ringsmith, Holly Long, and Destiny Davis. Kaityln Ringsmith (age 20) is one person people should take time to get know more about. Ringsmith is an individual with hobbies, accomplishments, and goals.

Some of the hobbies Kaityln enjoys are gaming on pc, horse-back riding and playing with her dog. Out of all these hobbies horse-back riding is the most preferred. Her favorite ranch to go enjoy this activity at is called Loco Bonita Ranch. This particular ranch (located in Fountain Lake) provides free service to all ages, which attracts a lot of individuals such as Kaityln. Certainly all of these hobbies are important to Kaityln because they act as a stress-reliever in her life. While hobbies is a component of Kaityln’s life, so is the things she has accomplished.

So far in her educational journey, Kaityln has never failed a class at the secondary or post-secondary level. She hopes to maintain this tradition as she now begins her second semester in college, and is aware of the difficulty that comes with her progression in college. Another accomplishment Kaityln has made is becoming a Shift Manager at the local Dollar General Store; Although Kaityln says that being a Shift Manager adds to her stress level, she thinks it is well worth it because she earned the opportunity through hard work and determination.

It is this same hard work and determination that is going to aid Ringsmith as she tries to turn her goals into accomplishments. One goal Ringsmith has is to attend the University of Alaska. This university is most appealing to her because it is near where she once lived and it has been a childhood dream to attend there. Kaityln also knows that going to college is going to enhance her future; therefore, another goal of hers is to discover what she really would like to major in and decide what type of career she wants to have (even though she has flirted with the idea of Computer Analyst).

She realizes that she will eventually have to make a decision, but still has an ample amount of time to accomplish this goal since she is only in her second semester of college. Kaityln Ringsmith is truly a unique individual whose future is bright. Another individual that people should have the pleasure of being acquainted with is Holly Long. Like many people-Holly has any hobbies, accomplishments, and goals. Holly’s favorite hobbies are playing co-ed softball in the spring at Kimberly Park and spending quality time with her two children.

However, having fun is not the only thing Holly does. She has also accomplished many things. Graduating from Hot Springs High School was a huge milestone for Holly. She just didn’t graduate with her diploma, but she attained her cosmetology license through the Career-Technical program at HSHS. Besides graduating, Holly has maintained a strong marriage for seven years despite all the trials and tribulations that come attached to marriage. Long is also an individual who wants to translate her goals into more accomplishments.

Furthering her education beyond National Park College, Long wants to attend University of Arkansas at Little Rock to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. After beginning work as a Social Worker, Holly would like to eventually earn her master’s degree to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Being able to help others in their daily living with managing their addiction to drugs or alcohol will bring joy to her life; This is why Holly is so excited for the future in this career field.

All in all, Holly Long is a very caring, passionate, driven person who everyone should become acquainted with. Lastly but not least, Destiny Davis (age 18) is also a unique individual that others should become familiar with. Her uniqueness is embodied by her hobbies, accomplishments, and goals. Reading books, watching Netflix, and playing video-games are among some of the hobbies Destiny enjoys. Some of her favorite games to play on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are: Mindcraft, Walking Dead and Little Big Planet.

She also addicted to watching the television series America Horror Story on Netflix. Taking part in these activities help balance out the stress that Davis feels from school, family, peers, and life in general. With hobbies also comes accomplishments. The things Destiny has accomplished is very rare in retrospect to her academic excellence. During her time in high school Davis scored advance on every single state standardized exams; this achievement also led to her being recognized numerous times at her high school for being one of the most outstanding-gifted student.

This is not the only high point in her academic career. After dealing with different life circumstances Davis decided to get her GED. It only took Davis an impressive three weeks to earn her GED. After that milestone Davis finally decided that college is the next step she should take; she enrolled at National Park College and has been attending ever since then. Like everyone in the world-Destiny has set goals for her life. While on her educational journey Davis wants to eventually transfer to the University of Colorado at Builder to pursue her career as a Book Editor.

This particular university appeals most to her because of the university’s highly-regarded English department and her desire to be educated by the best of the best. Destiny’s determination will play a huge role in achieving this goal; due to the fact she will have to get and keep her life on the straight and narrow for her soon to be born child (Vicky). Destiny says that this child will be the greatest inspiration she will need to keep fighting the fight to achieve her dreams and have a bright future.

With that being said getting acquainted with Destiny Davis is like finding a precious diamond in the rough. Now to answer the question proposed earlier, the only thing one should do to make being in room of unknown people so impersonal is to converse. Sacrificing a little time and having the willingness to open up to others can make for a worth-while experience. In the end by getting to know others a person can build life-long connections and even friendships/acquaintances by just simply talking.