Lacrosse Personal Narrative Essay

Lacrosse is a contact sport created by the North American Indians, in which the ball is thrown, caught, and carried in a long-handled stick with a triangular frame and shallow netting at one end. The sport is still played today, and is a known tradition in my family.
I first started playing when I was in fifth grade. I remember that season was dreadful. Our goal average was almost lower than our actual motivation to play the game. I was a part time goalie for that season,and I was probably the worst to ever play Aside from goalie I would play attack, or offense. I honestly can say I never touched the ball once that season. We ended that season with a total of 9 losses and 1 win, coming in second to last place. Last place was the Metro Greyhounds, our only…

We were bold, we were fierce. I was the main goalie for our team. We were above many teams in our age group. Except for two, Rockwood South and MICDS. Now, us and Rockwood South were tied for second, leaving MICDS in first. They were undefeated.

“Syd!” My dad shouted from downstairs. “We gotta go!”
“Yeah, whatever,” I wasn’t that excited for today. The Eureka Wildcats were going to be playing for first and I was nervous. “I’ll be down in a minute,” I mumbled back getting my lacrosse uniform together. One thing I don’t like about being the coach’s daughter is always having to be at the fields an hour early.
I made sure to put on my lucky black and white Adrenaline socks for today, laced up my white Under Armor cleats, and ran out the door.
The car ride there was filled with anxiety. My mind was racing with terrible thoughts with things that could go wrong, and my leg was shaking violently like a jackhammer. I kept picturing MICDS celebrating together as we lowered our heads in defeat. I tried to pull myself out of this. This was not the mindset I needed. I turned on the radio, in attempt to bring up my mood a bit, focusing on the music and not what’s about to happen…