Le Morte D’arthur Chivalry Examples

“Le Morte D’arthur is one of the most famous works in English Literature, despite the fact that it was completed almost 600 years ago! Le Morte D’arthur has influenced many writers, including William Shakespeare who borrowed phrases from Le Morte D’arthur. Le Morte D’arthur is really a collection of stories about the knights of the round table and Le Morte D’arthur is written by Sir Thomas Malory. Le Morte D’arthur was probably created between 1469 -71.

Le Morte D’arthur has influenced many readers throughout the years these include: The authors of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales thought Le Morte D’arthur was one of the best stories ever written, William Shakespeare also really liked Le Morte D’arthur and drew inspiration from Le Morte D’arthur for his plays and other literature. ” [1]

” Sir Thomas Malory wrote Le Morte d’Arthur while in prison between December 1469 and November 1470. Little is known about Sir Thomas Malory’s life although he did write Le Morte d’Arthur while in prison. Sir Thomas Malory died on March 14,1471 and Le Morte D’arthur was not printed until about 1485 by William Caxton .” [2]

“Le Morte D’arthur is a collection of stories about King Arthur and his knights of the round-table. Le Morte D’arthur begins with Uther Pendragon who falls in love with Igraine , wife of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. Uther goes to Tintagel thinking that she is Gorlois’s daughter but when he gets to Tintagel he finds out she is really the duke’s wife. When Uther finds out she is married he goes to Sir Anton, one of his knights and asks him to disguise him as Sir Anton and go into the castle.

A gentle knight was one who helped defend the weak and defenseless. He demonstrated courage on the battlefield while showing mercy to those who were captured and defeated. Loyalty means faithfulness and support to someone or something and it is a key characteristic in Le Morte de Arthur. A loyal person would fight for what he believes in and never betray his lord. Sir Lancelot displays his loyalty when fighting for Leodegrance against King Arthur. Courtly love denotes dignity, honor, dependability, propriety, courtesy, and certainly patience with dignity being more important than love itself.

It is evident that courtly love exists between Sir Launcelot du Lac and Queen Guinevere, as well as Sir Tristram de Lyonesse and Queen Isolde. In Le Morte de Arthur, there are many examples of chivalry. In the beginning, Leodegrance offers hospitality and lodging to King Arthur and his knights. A knight is expected to receive and repay such acts of courtesy with protection and bravery (Percy 19-20). King Pellinore requests aid from Leodegrance while he fights a giant named Harlequin, who lurks in “Wast Land,” Leodegrance’s kingdom (Benson 106).

Leodegrance sends Gawain, Gaheris, Agravaine, Gareth, and Mordred with their fifty cousins; despite the fact that Launcelot had also offered help (Benson 107). King Pellinore is grateful, and Leodegrance rewards his men with gifts (Benson 108). Leodegrance makes Gawain a Knight of the Round Table and gives him lavish clothes made by Morgan le Fay (Benson 111). Le Morte de Arthur further includes instances of chivalry; such as when Sir Dinadan fights with Sir Palomides over Queen Isoud .

King Mark, who loves Isolde, tries to kill Tristram because he believes that Tristram has taken her virginity. Tristram then tries to convince King Mark that he would never do such a thing as dishonor himself or the princess. During battle between Lancelot and Guinevere’s knights against Leodegrance’ men for Leodegrance’s daughter , Leodegrance offers Le Morte de Arthur hospitality and lodging to Lancelot, who receives Leodegrance’s castle at his request (Benson 215-217).

Later Leodegrance and Sir Gawain join King Arthur in battle against Leontes , where Leodegrance is slain by Leontes’ son Clamadeu (Benson 243-249). Several examples of chivalry are demonstrated in Le Morte de Arthur including the code of the knights. The characters of Le Morte de Arthur demonstrate acts of chivalry from beginning to end. Though this code has many qualities, bravery, loyalty, and courtly love are more evident throughout this literature.

Another example of Le Morte D’arthur Chivalry is when King Pellinore had to fight Sir Palamedes. Pellinore was unarmed, while Palamedes had a sword and shield. The two men fought, but without armor it is assumed that Pellinore would lose since he was not armed while his opponent was (King Arthur book 3 chapter 6). Luckily for him, Kay gave him his own sword and shield just before the battle started. That act alone made Kay an honorable man in Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples because he helped out someone who needed it more than himself.

Though Le Morte D’arthur Chivalry Examples were found after battles or events where duels between two people happened, Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples can also show up in daily life. For example, when Sir Pelleas was sentenced to death for killing Sir Segwarides’ wife and his own lover, Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples is demonstrated when Pelleas was given a day of respite before he would be killed the next day (King Arthur book 4 chapter 8). Le Morte D’arthur Chivalry Examples are not only found between two people fighting or dueling each other; Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples are found in life outside of battle as well.

The last Le Morte D’arthur Chivalry Examples I could find were regarding King Arthur himself. Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples were not just found between two enemies or two competitors, Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples can be found with friends and family as well. Though Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples are not shown throughout the whole book, Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples can be seen in the beginning of Le Morte D’arthur when Arthur meets Leondegrance (King Arthur book 1 chapter 3). Leondegrance is very sick and King Arthur could leave him to go back to his queen, but he chooses to stay with Leondegrance until he gets better.

That act alone showed that Arthur was compassionate towards those who needed help. Le Morte D’arthur Chivalry Examples are most commonly found in Le Morte D’arthur book 3 chapter 6 and King Arthur book 1 chapter 3. Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples also tend to be found after battles or duels, such as Le Morte D’arthur book 4 chapter 8. Le Morte d’Arthur is a writing that was put together from multiple authors writing about the topic of chivalry in Le Morte d’Arthur’s time period. Le morte d’Arthur is a collection of stories written by Sir Thomas Malory about King Arthur and his knights.

In Le morte d’arthur, chivalry is defined as “the combination of qualities that were thought to be suitable for a perfect knight” ( Le Morte d’Arthur book 1 chapter 2). Le Morte D’arthur was published in 1485 by William Caxton and Le Morte D’arthur is still well-known today. Le Morte D’arthur includes many different stories about King Arthur and his knights, including chivalry examples. Le Morte D’arthur Chivalry Examples show the difference between good and bad chivalry and Le Morte D’arthur chivalry examples can be found throughout Le Morte D’arthur.

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