Lolita Movie Analysis

Lolita is an American novel written by Vladimir Nabokov in 1955. Lolita has also been adapted into two movies, Lolita in 1962 and Lolita in 1997. The Lolita novels are based on the true story of Lolita Lempkii who abducted by her father across state lines to marry her when she was only thirteen years old. Lolita is a novel that follows the theme of love, lust, and obsession from Lolita’s point of view. In Lolita, Lolita is an adolescent girl who falls in love with Humbert Humbert her stepfather.

At the start of Lolita , Lolita’s mother dies from cancer and Lolita starts going to summer camp where she meets Humbert for the first time. Humbert is attracted to Lolita but does not pursue any romantic relation until Lolita returns home from camp and he meets her again. After some time passes Humbert decides to seduce Lolita by offering to take her on a holiday trip around America. He eventually succeeds in gaining Lolita’s love after his plans are revealed and Lolita begins to hate him. Lolita runs away from Humbert and meets a man named Dick who takes Lolita’s virginity.

Lolita later finds out that she is pregnant with Dick’s child and tells Humbert since he has been paying all the bills for Lolita. In Lolita , Lolita gives birth to a daughter named Charlotte after Lolita leaves Humbert again. This time she runs away with one of her classmates who abandons her when they get to California where Lolita is found by a police officer six months later in a motel room overdosed on sleeping pills, after Lolita was beaten up by the man who had taken advantage of her.

Lolita is a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov and published in 1955. Lolita, or Dolores Haze, is the novel’s protagonist who acts as aged twelve when the story begins, but ages to fourteen over the course of the narrative. Lolita became immensely popular in American culture and has been adapted into several movies and musicals. At the beginning Lolita is shown as an innocent, precocious child who has excellent grades in school and reads voraciously. Lolita’s family moves to a new town when her father Humbert gets a job there.

Lolita is enrolled in the same school as Humbert, coincidentally with his daughter Annabel, whom he instantly falls for. Lolita then goes on to meet Amy or Annie who becomes Lolita’s best friend and conspire together with both their fathers, Humbert and Charles “Charlie” Swain. Charlie secretly plans to take Lolita from America back to his home country of France where Lolita would continue her education at a French boarding school while being treated like a princess by him. Lolita and Charlie become close friends and Lolita is often seen at his house where she is treated like a princess.

Lolita is shown as having an exceptional love for her father until the day Lolita’s mother Charlotte dies, Lolita then quickly forgets about him which makes Humbert feel sad and betrayed by Lolita. Lolita begins to become more interested in boys of her age such as Tommy who lives next door to Lolita with his parents, or Harry “visible panty line” Bissinger who Lolita becomes closely friends with. Lolita also shows up at school dances which shocks Humbert but he doesn’t respond to it so not to ruin anything between Lolita and him.

Humbert says that Lolita is deteriorating, Lolita on the other hand says that she likes being more mature and she also thinks about what it would be like to make love. Lolita starts dating Charlie’s friend Roy McCoomb who was previously married but has since divorced Lolita takes an interest in him due to his sports car which Lolita loves driving around with Lolita inside of it. Lolita becomes pregnant by Roy at the age of fourteen which infuriates Humbert as he thought Lolita was still a virgin!

Lolita gives birth to her baby daughter who is later taken away from Lolita who goes back to school where she meets Clare Quilty, a playwright whom Lolita had met years before during one of her father’s plays. Humbert fears Lolita is being drugged by Quilty so he kidnaps Lolita and they run away to a hotel where Lolita becomes drowsy after drinking the milk Humbert had given her. Lolita wakes up to discover that she’s naked in bed with Humbert where Lolita tells him that she wants to marry Charlie, because Lolita believes it would be less embarassing for her daughter not to have a mother who wasn’t married.

Lolita leaves the hotel with Humbert and moves back with him until Charlie finds out about Lolita’s pregnancy and kicks Lolita out of his house ignoring Lolita’s plea for him never to leave her alone again. Humbert becomes convinced that Lolita will never change her behavior and Lolita is too far gone for Humbert to handle anymore so Lolita moves out of the apartment she lived in with Humbert and Lolita leaves for Colorado to give birth to her daughter.

Lolita dies soon after giving birth due to a car accident and Lolita’s mother Charlotte who had just moved back decides that Lolita should be buried by Charlie, Lolita’s father. Charlotte confesses to Lolita’s death which later leads Humbert into killing Quilty at his theatre where he also dies in self-defense. The novel was adapted into a movie in 1962 starring James Mason as Humbert, Peter Sellers as Quilty, and Shelley Winters as Charlotte where Richard Quine directed Lolita.

Lolita is a novel published by Vladimir Nabokov in 1955 about the story of Lolita, a young girl who becomes sexually involved with her stepfather. Lolita has become one of the most controversial novels ever written due to its subject matter which has caused Lolita to be banned in many places where it is sold. Lolita was adapted into a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1962 starring James Mason as Humbert, Peter Sellers as Quilty, and Shelley Winters as Charlotte Haze where Richard Quine directed Lolita.

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