Lovin Cupful Argument Analysis Essay

At the first glance, the argument that the author stated appears to be somewhat convincing, but further reflection indicates that it is based on misinterpretation of the statistics. To illustrate particularly on the statistics output in the memorandum, the survey conducted by the Lovin’ Cupful national chain restaurant indicated that 98 percent of the customers are perfectly happy with the switch from the new powdered instant tea to the brewed ones. The imposing numbers from the statistics reveals its unsoundness as valid arguments.
Firstly, the argument readily assumes that in order to take advantage of the lower price per pound of Almost, all of our restaurants should begin substituting it for brewed tea. The survey conducted in only a single restaurant can’t represents the majority of restaurants in the chain, and certainly can’t applied to all the other chain restaurants. The reasoning is fallacious unless other possible factors relevant to have been considered and ruled out. It is presumptuous for the part of the author to make such conclusion since its persuasive force is seriously weakened by the misinterpretation of its statistics….

A successful company should be able to fulfill the unsatisfactory of the 2 percent customers. In order to save the cost from lower price tea, whether it is worthy of ignoring or take no action on those dissatisfaction is a serious issue for the company. It fails to take the cost benefit analysis into account. Not to mention that the 2 percent of customers can actually have a voice louder than the 98 percent of customers, if not carefully taking care of, it may lead to decreasing manyfold in…