Nature And Nurture In John Stuart Mill’s Rising Middle Class Essay

Mill also believes that members of the rising middle class who are successful in business and rising to the upper class should have the bulk of the political power. Mill believes being good in business takes all when it comes to government. Mill supports this theory by stating that in order to make it in business, one has to know what the people need and want and be more efficient than your competitors. Mill believes in order for a government to be successful, it must be run similar to a business and cater to the needs of people while remaining efficient.

The last topic discussed in class is Mill’s view on inheritance. Mill believes that parents should limit the inheritance and gifts they give to their children. Mill believes that parents should only give their children enough money to be moderately well off and live comfortable without having to work for their rest of their life. Mill argues that the problem is parents being successful does not mean their kids will be since they are receiving this inheritance money and allowance, they do not think they need to be educated or work therefore leading to their traits of being spoiled and lazy

I agree will mill on the topic of inheritance. I believe that there are many kids in this world come from families that are well off and therefore are not as hardworking and motivated as people that are not well off. I believe it is ok for parents to help out their children by inheritance and allowance, but it is not ok if the child becomes lazy and unmotivated. I went to grade school with many students that come from well off families and even have had a few friends away that come from well off families.

I have come to realize that most of those kids I grew up with and are friends with are not in school or working because their parents are providing them with the money they need to live and not work. I don’t agree with this at all. Growing up in a single parent home, I was taught at an early age the importance of education, working and being successful. Unlike some of my friends who are well off and rely on their parents money, I spent my first two years of college back home in Pennsylvania working full time, attending school full time, and paying my way through life.

It frustrated me to see kids that are so spoiled that they don’t need to work and believe they don’t have to do anything with their life because I believe everybody a purpose in life and in order to find that purpose, you must not be lazy. In conclusion, we have discussed Mill’s views as well as my own on nature verses nurture, women in the Victorian Era, representative democracy, tyranny of the majority, the voucher system, middle class and inheritance.

Throughout this paper I discussed Mills view on Nature verses Nurture which is he is belief that we are who we are because of our education and upbringing rather than our nature. I also explained how Mill became a supporter of women’s rights. Next, I explained Mills view of Representative Democracy and how to minimize corruption. After that, I discussed how enlightenment plays a role in Mills views on the tyranny of the majority.

The fifth topic that was discussed was about the voucher system and how Mill believes it will lead to higher quality education; followed by Mill’s belief that the middle class should be the backbone of politics. Lastly, I have discussed Mill’s views on inheritance. In conclusion, the views of Mill that have been discussed thus far in class include Mills views on nature verses nurture, women in the Victorian Era, representative democracy, tyranny of the majority, voucher system, middle class and inheritance as well as my opinions on some of these topics.