Personal Narrative: Are We Wrong For Falling In Love Essay

Title – Are we wrong for falling in love? (HARRYS POV) I was never really good at holding back my emotions. I’m known to be ‘the crier’, although I’ve denied it on many occasions. Lou and I were in our flat. Tonight we decided to watch a movie we both thoroughly enjoyed, Bambi. This movie gets me every time, like Titanic, you can’t watch it and not cry, it’s impossible. Unless you’re like some kind of robot or something. I look over to Louis, my eyes filled with tears, trying so hard to hold them back.

As | turn my head I see Louis has fallen asleep. Who the hell falls asleep during Bambi?! I say to myself turning up the TV louder to purposely wake him. He stirs at first, then starts to rub his eyes. Flopping his hands down he opens one eye, leaving the other all cringed and funny looking. Finally he snatches the remote out of my hand and turns it down. “It’s called respect Harry. ” He says burying his face in the shoulder cushions. I smirk at his sudden outburst and turn off the TV. It was getting to real for me anyway.

I take my phone out my pocket and see its only 9:30, but we’ve got a meeting with management tomorrow and I know that won’t be fun. I knew I should probably try and go to sleep now, but I want to have a little fun first. I contemplated what I could do to make Louis wake up in the best way possible. I could tip water on him? No, that’s what he does to me, I need to top him. I could sit on him? No too easy. Make the smoke machine go off, tell him there’s a fire! Wait, but I’d probably have to start a fire in order for it to go off. And I don’t really feel like dying tonight.

But now I’ve got a better idea. It’s simple but effective, definitely. I walk over to our nicely styled kitchen, check my hair in the reflection of the oven only to see my curls flowing in every which direction, I sigh and quietly open up our bottom drawer. Basically, whenever we get gifts and things from fans we both pile it up into boxes and stash it in the basement or we find things we actually want and put them in this bottom drawer. There’s only a selected few, but it’s still pretty full. I move amongst the drawer looking for the item | need.

Trying hard to do this quietly so I don’t wake him up in the process. Another few minutes of searching and I finally find it underneath this custom made hat that none of us ever wear, (oops, sorry to whoever made it. ) I close the drawer silently and tiptoe my way over to the couch. I look over at Lou, he looks so peaceful and calm, I almost feel bad for what I’m about to do but he deserves it, he fell asleep during Bambi, not even the President would dare fall asleep during Bambi, they’d elect another one who isn’t a total douche.

I take one last look over at Louis, his mouth slightly open, letting little snores escape his mouth. I wish I could just join him, cuddle up with him so I could sleep too. No. That would be weird. What would possess me to think that? I can’t cuddle Louis, imagine how inappropriate that would be! God who uses the word ‘inappropriate’l sound like a school teacher who’s telling children not to act up, not about cuddling up to your best friend. Although I bet he’d be the best cuddler, I wonder if he’s a big spoon or little spoon?

OMG what is wrong with me! Just shut up and position this thing! I take a steady aim, I move back so I’m not too close, I stretch my arm out to the limit as I hold this in my right hand. I wish I could tape this, it would be a funny memory. But I don’t have time. I take a final glimpse at his peaceful body and grin. “Sorry Lou, but you gave me no choice. ” I say putting my hand on the trigger. DURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! The loud noise echoed through the walls, bounced from one to another, like Lou’s organs by the looks of it.

As I pulled the trigger the sound of the air horn his body leaped in so many different directions you’d think he was having a seizure. Even my ears started to ring. I can just imagine how Louis would feel. Well he made it pretty clear when he jumped up tackling me down to the ground using my hair to drag me down. “OW LOUIS OW OW LET GO OF ME THAT HURTS! ” | scream as he tightens his grin on my hair. I underestimated how strong he actually was, even though he’s proved it many times before. I try and fight back using my hands as a weapon slapping his face over and over to hope his grip loosens.