Personal Narrative: Fighting The Revolutionary War With The Patriots Research Paper

In the near future, I see myself winning the Revolution War with the Patriots. I can picture it in my head, every single little detail. I will be at the front of the army as we charge towards the Redcoats. We will be fierce and strong in our ragged clothes and bare feet. We will stand firm when the British try to fight us. If they beat us, we will stubbornly keep coming back until they raise the white flag! I know it seems hard to believe but if you see it from my perspective, I am sure I will change your mind. Right now I am at Valley Forge in the 1700’s.

It is dreary, smoky, and cold but I always try to be optimistic. I try to boost my fellow soldiers’ spirits. I am usually successful, though most men are going home and not returning. Unlike them, I have decided to re-enlist for three reasons which are:I have a cause for fighting, there are less soldiers, and most of the men survived. Background Information A while ago, me and some other men participated in the Boston Tea Party. I was so excited to finally be standing up to Britain and it’s taxes. I am part of the Continental Army which is led by George Washington. We also go by Patriots.

We are staying at Valley Forge for the winter. Valley Forge is a camp 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia which is where the British are staying. Most men are only fighting for the Patriots for 9 months. Sometimes men just sneak away and go home. We call them “deserters”. By Valley Forge, there are some Quaker farms. A Quaker is someone who hates war. They think it is evil. Sometimes they sell us food which is really nice of them. We don’t have much of anything left. Body Paragraph #1 I have a great cause for fighting: pride for my wife and kids, my army, and my freedom.

I do not have a lot of liberty but that is why I am fighting. That is why I am here. It may be a little depressing at the Valley, but we are still hopeful. We whistle while we work! “Yet they still show a spirit of Alacrity [cheerful willingness] and Contentment not to be expected from such young troops. “(Dr. Waldo 151). I have enough honor to re-enlist and serve in the army again after my term is up. Like I always say “when you start a job, you should always finish it”. I think people are more grateful for the soldiers who re-enlist than the soldiers that don’t.

He that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. ” (Thomas Paine). All of us soldiers know that Britain is being unfair and unjust. If Britain’s control is not slavery, I don’t know what is. (Thomas Paine 153). Britain is not just taking away our freedom, it is taking away who we are. It is not like we have no hope, though. We have won before at Trenton and Princeton. (Roden 141). We have a chance at winning the war. This reason is causing me to reenlist because I am proud to be battling for freedom. Thave a cause and a purpose that is worth fighting for.

This is one reason why I am going to re-enlist Body Paragraph #2 I confess, our army is running low on soldiers. “The Army which has been surprisingly healthy hitherto, now begins to grow sickly from the continued fatigues they have suffered this Campaign. “(Dr. Waldo 151). Some of the army is sick. They need my help even more now. Also, most men are not reenlisting. When they get the chance, those men are leaving faster than you could say “bayonet”. “Not surprisingly, Washington was having trouble keeping his soldiers in the army. Some of the men had only signed on for one or two years.

However, the most frequent time of enlistment was nine months. Nine-month men were going home and not returning. Others simply deserted” (Roden 141). There are not a lot of soldiers left. The ones that are here at the Valley are going home soon. We also have a shortage of men because when the soldiers get sick, it is usually fatal. 4. 000 of my fellow soldiers died from December to February (Busch 147). The army really needs more provisions, too. Just a little bit of medicine would help prevent many deaths. It would also help prevent more sickness. ,989 were sick by February 1, 1778 (Busch 147). The army needed healthy and strong soldiers to come help. If I do not stay, the army might just die out. This is another reason why I’m going to re-enlist. Body Paragraph #3 It is not like all hope is lost, most of the soldiers here are healthy and strong. Best of all they are surviving! I consider myself lucky to be one of these people.

“Today we know that most of the army survived the winter. ” (Roden 141). This explains that the Patriots still survived the winter despite the conditions. It was not like we had no help at the camp. The Committee of five Congressmen stayed several weeks and was helpful in getting more food and clothing to the soldiers” (Powell 149). Congress actually did care about us. Also, contrary to popular belief, there were way more than 100 of us left. In February 1778 there were still 8000 soldiers (Busch 147). Although some of them died, we still have soldiers. And although some of the soldiers got sick, they all started off healthy and strong. (Dr. Waldo 151). If most of the soldiers are surviving, I have a good chance of surviving, too. This is the third reason why I’m going to re-enlist.

CounterClaim Paragraph One reason why my fellow soldiers would decide to not re-enlist is that the living conditions are not the best. “I am Sickdiscontented- and out of humor. Poor food- hard lodging- Cold weather-fatigue- Nasty Cloaths- nasty Cookery-Vomit half my time-smoak’d out my senses” (Dr. Waldo 151). People really are suffering at Valley Forge. I am not going to lie, it is hard. I can see why some men would just want to go home. However, I am re-enlisting because I have a cause, there are less soldiers, and most of the soldiers survived. Therefore, there are more reasons to stay and fight than to not re-enlist.

Conclusion Paragraph: Tam going to re-enlist because I have a cause for fighting, there are less soldiers, and most of the soldiers survived. Thave pride for the Patriots and the Continental Army who need me. It is true that we do not have a lot of soldiers. If I go now, they would probably just die out. Most of the soldiers actually lived and served in the army many more times. It’s important that soldiers re-enlisted because if they didn’t, the Patriots probably wouldn’t have won the war. America wouldn’t have become free let alone a separate country.