Persuasive Essay On Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been performed on many people for decades. Nowadays, people all around the world want to look younger. Body image has recently become a huge part of society and a numerous amount of people are not fond of their bodies. Everyone wants to have the perfect body so they are not labeled as anything but perfect. They like to think that cosmetic surgery will make them perfect, however, other people may not think that it was a good change. Nobody’s happy with who they are and what they look like, so to many people, cosmetic surgery is the right choice.

It seems to be the only way an insecure person can feel confident in their own body. In 2012, 14. 6 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed (14. 6 Million). Cosmetic surgery is extremely common nowadays because everybody wants to look good, celebrities are encouraging it, and it creates greater self-confidence. Many people get cosmetic surgery because they do not like their physical appearance. The reason they do not like the way they look is because they are starting to look older and getting wrinkles.

Most people start to worry about looking older anywhere from ages thirty-five to fifty-five which is why most patients are between that age. BBC News explains about a patient of Surgeon Pat Dunnion, Karen Rowing age 45, who wanted to eliminate the wrinkles from her face. To her, they were a daily reminder that she was getting older and did not like it. The only solution to her problem that she could think of was cosmetic surgery. Like Karen, many people think the only solution to their problem is cosmetic surgery because “Cosmetic procedures are intended to give a younger, more vital look” (BBC News).

Karen states that she was very pleased with her results because it is “very natural looking. ” Nowadays, people of every age have social media accounts and feel the need to look good in all of the pictures that they want to post. Some people are not photogenic which leads them to believe that they are not attractive. Innumerable amounts of people show up at doctor offices asking for cosmetic surgery not because they are convinced that they are not beautiful but because that want to look attractive in the photos that that post online.

In other words, “They want to look beautiful online” (Digital Trends). Many people not only want to ‘naturally look good in the photos that they are posting online, but they also want to look good while on a video call. While video calling, some angles do not show an appealing image and no one likes the idea of looking unattractive. To fix that problem, loads of people decide to get cosmetic surgery to fix it once and for all (Digital Trends). Although the average person is getting cosmetic surgery to get a natural look, it is not the same case for celebrities.

Celebrities, such a Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner, are influencing people to change the way they look because they are classified as perfect. Stephen Hamilton, A British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons member, believes that “Younger people may be more susceptible not only to peer pressure and negative body image, but to the desire to conform to an unattainable standard of airbrushed beauty” (The Telegraph). Since younger people look up to celebrities, they are encouraged to look like them.

Most celebrities get plastic surgery but hardly confront it. Although all the fans are aware of their surgery, they still believe that they are perfect and always have been. Celebrities are encouraging it because their fans think that in order to be confident in their body they must look similar, if not identical, to their favorites celebrities. While some celebrities do not mention their cosmetic surgery, there are others that do. Lyndsay Conway wrote and published it on Marie Claire Magazine. She lists celebrities that are open with their surgeries.

Some celebrities like Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston were open about their surgeries and that also encourages fans to want to look like them (Marie Claire Magazine). Most teens are insecure and look up to their role model. Their role models are usually celebrities and they will do anything that their role model is doing. Since they are open with their surgeries, insecure teens think it is okay for them to get cosmetic surgery, if they do not feel comfortable in their own bodies. Cosmetic surgery doesn’t make a person happier, it simply makes the person believe that they are more attractive.

Study shows that people who are more attractive are not happier than a average person, however, it helps create self confidence (Psychology Today). Many people are insecure because they do not like the way they look next to another person. The only cure they can find to that is cosmetic surgery, which increases their self confidence. A study done by Center for Human Appearances at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine resulted in 87% of the patients being happy with their surgery.

In her article, Taryn Davies states that women who get cosmetic surgery feel confident in not only work situations but also social situations. Dr Kirwan claims that “Beauty is hard to define but its is instantly recognizable” and also “A plastic surgeon works from within; changing the framework and re-draping the surface mantle to create beauty” which is his way of saying that once the patients think that they look better, they will feel more confident (Cosmetic Surgery Does Give You A Boost Of Self Confidence). Majority of the people getting cosmetic surgery do not believe that they are beautiful.

To many people, cosmetic surgery is used to create beauty, which is also what Dr Kirwan believes. Whether it is their face or body people think that they cosmetic surgery will create beauty and they will feel more confident. Countless amount of individuals are very insecure and have a serious damage in their egos when they see other attractive people. Since they do not like the way they look compared to other people, they decide that cosmetic surgery is the solution to their problems. Not only that but others are influenced by celebrities and are under the mpression that they need to look like them.

In addition to that, celebrities are influencing their audiences and fans by creating products which encourages them to change the way they look in order to be attractive. Since many of the audience consists of young teenagers, they fall for what the celebrities are feeding them. Lastly, having cosmetic surgery performed on a body will give the person a boost of self confidence and they will feel better about themselves. These days, not many people are confident in their own bodies which makes them insecure and leads them to consider cosmetic surgery.