Plessy Vs Ferguson Essay

allowed to go to drink or use the bathroom during work hours. By the end of the day, the overseer would check their belongings to see if anyone took materials like the Ferris waist with them. As technology improved, new electronic sewing machine were invented, so clothings can be produced faster. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory bought these new sewing machines, and their worker had to make 3,000 stitches per minute. Later on, Triangle’s worst fear happened, their workers went on a strike that grew into an uprising. They went on strike for better working conditions, better pay, and shorter work hours.

This strike was ignored by the press until Anh Morgan took action and she said it was unacceptable to strike women. Smaller shops gave into their worker demands while larger shops did not until later on. One day, a fire was started in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, the employers evacuated the building without informing their workers about the fire. When the workers found out about the fire, they ran to the elevator and their escape route was limited due to the lock door to the Washington stairway. So, workers tumbled down the fire escape and those who didn’t escape in time jumped out the window.

The result of this tragedy was about 145 shirtwaist workers were dead. This tragedy made the government address the failures of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, so they made laws for better working conditions, minimum wages, and fair treatment. Overall, women had to die first, in order for the government to address their demands, and to have laws to protect their rights. 3. Describe and analyze the impact of the 14th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. The radical and even many moderate republicans supported the 14th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution which was introduced in 1866 and ratified by 1868. This amendment states that people born in the U. S. , and subjects to the jurisdiction are citizens of the U. S. It also declared that no state can enforce any laws to deny former slaves the right to vote. It also claims that former slaves are not properties and no state shall deprive any person of their life, liberty, and property without the approval of the law or government.

The amendment emphasize that any male inhabitants of the state being twenty-one years old, and a citizen of the U. S. has the right to vote. In this statement, a half of the former slaves and other minorities like women couldn’t vote because women were not included in the amendment. The 14th Amendment attacked national court cases such as the Dred Scott and state cases such as People v. Hall in California. This amendment undermined Dred Scott case which said slaves were properties, and they could be moved into any state in the U. S. The amendment also undermined the People v. Hill case which claim non-white people doesn’t have the basic rights in state of California.

Therefore, the 14th Amendment made a huge impact on former slaves by giving them the rights to vote, and basic rights as citizens of United States. 6. Analyze ONE way in which the South took the vote away from African Americans after Reconstruction The South tried to take away African American’s right to vote using violence. The Ku Klux Klan is a white terrorist organization that spread to other states. The Klan targeted men and women who didn’t want to work in the fields like slave. The Ku Klux Klan didn’t like blacks getting the right to vote, so they tried to threaten and kill them if they don’t stop voting.

In the 14th Amendment and 15th Amendment, it stated that only male African Americans can vote. Since, women were not included in the amendment, they were not allowed to vote. Until 1920, when the Equal Rights Amendment was passed which declared women has the right to vote. Long essay 1. Compare and contrast the Progressive and Populist movements in terms of who was involved, what did they seek, and how successful they were. Populist movement involved dissatisfied farmers who are angry with business practices and development in the U. S. Farmers believe in populism; populism is the belief that common people is as good as the rich.

The targets of populist are focused on economic power and individuals who exercise the power. In 1890, the Populist movement is aimed at controlling new corporations like banks and railroads. The Populist party also known as the People’s party supported the use of silver and gold the the official currency. They sympathize with workers who want to work 8 hours instead of 12 hours. The Populist platforms revolved around various inequality between different social status like the inequality between landowners and sharecroppers. This party gained strength during the national economic depression. ulist chose William Jennings Bryan, a democratic-populist, as their candidate for president.

This movement was successful for a short moment until Bryan lost the election. However, William McKinley won the election for presidency, and the Populist Party gradually broke apart in 1896. Progressive movement involved people from all parties who participated in reforms. While Populist party believe that the common people is as good as the wealthy people; the Progressive party believe in the potential for progress through social reforms that includes political leaders settling local and national problems.

During the Progressive movement, Theodore Roosevelt uses his power to regulate large corporations, resolve labor dispute, and maintain natural resources. As a matter of fact, the government set aside some parklands, in order to preserve natural resources for the future. In contrast to Populist movement, the Progressive movement is more focused on social reforms instead of focusing on economic power. In 1916, the progressive tax was put into action which allow the government to take a large amount of the income from the rich instead of the poor.

In comparison to the Populist movement, the Progressive movement also favored the poor over the rich people. Nevertheless, the Progressive Era was not as the name implied from the African American’s point of view. Throughout this Era, there were white mob violence which lead to hundreds of African Americans lynched and a lot of race riots. Most African Americans in the South suffered from segregation and discrimination, thus leaving a majority of them poor. In the end, US the Populist and Progressive movement were only successful for a short time.