Poem Analysis: The Mother Essay

In this poem “The Mother” it was this mother that had many abortions. This speaker was having an emotional breakdown. For example, “I have heard in the voices of the wind the voices of my dim killed children” (Brooks 1940). When reading “The Mother” the speaker talked about her and focused on the children she aborted. But the speaker never mentioned a father. So, after realizing she did not mention a father this question came to an understanding. Why do people have different emotional and physical feelings after abortions? When asking that question by people it means men and women.

There is evidence of when it comes to abortions, many people do not think about the men withdrawals. Abortions, which are the discontinuation of a pregnancy before birth, have been adept since ancient times. Abortions were not legal at first because they were unsafe. The Supreme Court legalized abortion on January 22, 1973. Induced abortions have aroused debate, contention and activism because it is related to moral, ethical, biological, philosophical, and legal issue. I suspect the effects of the women after abortions, but do not forget about the withdrawals of men.

For my first article, “The Effects of abortion,” mentioned everything about the women withdrawals. It started off with the women having physical, emotional, and spiritually affects. That is a fact because when abortions are performed on women, they become subject to many physical complications. They researched to see the percentage of women that have abortions, miscarriages, and that gave birth. They also gave information that they had found about the many things the women do after abortions, miscarriages, and when given birth.

For example, “The findings, published in late November in the European journal of public health, corroborated those of a California study by researcher David Reardon, which found that aborting women had a 154% higher risk of suicide than those who had given birth”(Abortion’s effects 2006). Some of the women do drugs and suicide. These women have alot more than just physical side effects the women also have emotional side effects. That is proven to be true that women deal with depression, anger, long term grief reaction, flashbacks, sexual dysfunction, guilt, suicidal ideas, memory repression, and difficulty keeping close relationships.

It was also found that a huge percent of women that have abortions attempts suicide. For example,” women who had had an abortion had a suicide rate six times higher than that of women who had given birth, and double that of women who had had miscarriages”(Abortion’s Effect 2006). In reality, abortions really hurt most women spiritually. For example, ” It is not simply a process of evacuating the contents of a uterus, but the ending of a human life” (Tanimu 2013). Abortions are proven to be more than just ending the life of a new born baby.

When women defer God’s plan of a soul, though abortions, they may be affected by separation from God and spiritual void. For example, ” we need to protect and value all human life from that very moment of explanation to natural death” (Tanimu 2013). For my second article, “The Effects of Abortion on men,” it is emotional, psychological, and relational impact. First, it mentioned how abortions have significant and serious emotional harm to some women. Then it said how abortions affect men and how that story is untold and unexamined.

By law, men are excluded from the decision on having the child it is only the mother’s decision. They worked in clinical practice over many years and cited others from where they got some of their information from. When women abort their child, there are many scenarios of male involvement. For example,” he knows about the pregnancy, but hides his own feeling or beliefs from the woman out of his attempt to “love” her and affirm her rights over her body” (Rue, Tellefsen 1996).

Some men never know that they had been fathers. For example,” He doesn’t know she is regnant and she aborts without his knowledge” (Rue, Tellefsen 1996). For others, their relationships between their companion simply end and the relationships that try to stay together to work things out after an abortion they limp on with a connivance of silence. These men feel confused and hurt that they abort their lives. For example, “These “forgotten father” must not only deal with their grief and sadness over the irrevocable loss of their children and their guilt about not protesting their offspring” (Rue, Tellefsen 1996).

The comparison of both articles talked about all of the different withdrawals that men and women could have after abortions. ” The Effects of Abortion,” talked about just the women and all the types of effects they go through after abortions. For example,” abortions affect women physically, emotionally, and spiritually” (Tanimu 2013). “The Effects of Abortions on men,” mentioned how abortions have serious emotional harm to some women and how abortions affects men. For example, “while a male is expected to be strong, abortion makes him feel weak” (Rue, Tellefsen 1996).

I suspected the effects of women after abortions, but do not forget about the withdrawals of men. Each of the points of view that was picked which was, “The Effect of Abortion” & “The Effect of Abortion on men”. Both articles were great to read for information on why people have the withdrawals they do after abortions. That is because each article got their point across that they were trying to make about the effects on men and women after abortion. Each point of views explained all of the emotional, physical, spiritually effects.

Both point of views were solid and talked about the same effects that a woman would have. But the point of view of women only thought that abortions are dealing with women and not men. There is where the argument comes in at. The article about the other point of view about the men mentioned that men are excluded when they really should not be. The point of view of” The Effects of Abortion on men” were the best argument, because it talked about both withdrawals of men, women, and the comparison of all the withdrawals.

That article had much strength and could really persuade someone that is what the other point of view did not have much of. “The Effects of Abortion” had weakness because they only focused on the women and not men. But it was a good point of view if someone wanted to know about the effects of women after abortion. Both point of views helped in a way to know about all withdrawals and also had facts and proven evidence. The answer to my research question is that men and women deal with grief and sadness after abortions and that is why they suffer from those withdrawals.