Mother Inferior Analysis Essay

Introduction All parents love and want the best for their children, and they have their own way to raise their kids. According to the article Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, Amy Chua is the one who will force her kids to do what she think it is good. However, my opinion goes against the thought of Amy Chua about how to raise children because I believe that children should not only be prepared for their future but also enjoy their childhood with the pure innocence. According to the article Mother Inferior? written by Hanna Rosin, I agree with her idea that, “Children have to find happiness themselves. Parent should not create their new life, but let their kids make their own decision, do their own dream. Summarizing Chua’s ideas In the article “Why Chinese Mother Are Superior”, Amy Chua gave examples to let us see the difference between Chinese parents’s thought and Western parents’s thought. Western parents think that learning with the excitement is good for children. Therefore, that thought is against Chua idea which Chinese parents think that their kids are the best. If Chinese children did not excel, which means that it reflects unsuccessful parenting. Author believes that if you cannot good at something, you cannot be fun.

One of the ideas of Chua is that if Chinese parents call their children “garbage” or “fatty”, it is not negative connotation. By contrast, Western parents will pay more attention to the feelings of children. It is one of three main differences between Chinese parents and Western parents. The second difference is that Chinese parents believe that any success of their children is thanks to their parents which completely contrast with Western parents. Third, Chinese parents think that everything they do is because they want the best future for their kids.

Then, Amy Chua told a story about her aughter to prove that letting children not give up is the best way to build their confidence. Summary the ideas of Rosin In the article Mother Inferior? , Rosin has some contrasts with the way how to raise successful kid of Amy Chua. She believe that we should let our children explore the world by themselves. Rosin think that she won’t force her kids to do what they don’t want; she will let her kids do their desire work. She had given examples about her friend and Andre Agassi to prove that if children are forced to do something, they won’t be happy. Rosin believe that anyone can be a genius if they really hard-working.

Therefore, she think that let children choose what they are interested in because she believe that doing what children want will make they be more successful. Rosin think that kids are not “lazy”, but they “still have giant superegos and a mad drive to succeed. ” She think that the moderately successful children are happier than a miserable high-achiever. Summary the ideas of Brook Through the article Amy Chua Is a Wimp, David Brooks did not against the way Chua pushed her daughters, but he doesn’t agree with the way she prevents her kids from society activities.

He believes that joining a group, understanding social norms, competing between the members of the group are some necessary skills. He showed the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon which proved that the group work more efficiently than individual. However, these skills cannot teach formally, children have to experience by themselves. A counterargument paragraph Although I don’t agree with the whole ideas of Amy Chua, I still concede that children cannot realize their truly abilities. Therefore, the point which I agree with Amy Chua is not to let our children give up.

Because of difficulties, kids will give up. The point is that you might have tried a lot of to do something, but you still cannot do it. Little by little, the fear will be born, and you will believe that you cannot do it. Amy Chua knew that, so she had forced Lulu to continue. In addition, all parents don’t want their kids to be hurt. Thus it is not easy to push their children not to give up. However, if you can pass over that difficulties, you will realize that that moment will be one of the greatest lessons, memories of your life.

It is easy to give up, but standing up with the fear that you cannot do something is harder than passing the difficulties, breaking your limit. A nevertheless paragraph However, I don’t agree with the way Chua had threaten her daughter. Lulu was still young and she might get psychological hurt. Even if the result can be good, threating a young kid cannot be accepted. There is another way to make children believe in their own. For example, when I feel depressed, and want to give up something, my mother always gently give me some advices, and remind me my efforts, what my purpose is.

Thanks to that, I realize that if I gave up, there would be a wall blocking my way forever. One of points which I don’t agree with Amy Chua is that children should do their desire work. Parents are only the one who will orient their kids what is right and support them. Everyone has their own choice for their life. If parents decide what children must do, it is not their children life because that is the second life of parents. A question is considered: Why we should let our kids do their desire work? Will it be easier? The answer is no. Nothing is easy.

If you want to achieve something, or do something, you have to try it, hardworking, not giving up. The difference is that when you do your desire work, there will be more motivation, enthusiasm, passion than the work you don’t like. These thing will help you overcome difficulties. Conclusion Overall I don’t agree with Amy Chua’s parenting skills even if her older daughter still have a happy life because I believe that children should have their own choice, their own life. My advice is that parents can have the orientation to help children have the right awareness, and their desire work. Then, parent can support their kids when they need.