Psychodynamic Theory Essay

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Psychodynamic perspective developed by Sigmund Freud, and supported by his followers Adler, Erikson, and Jung. The psychodynamic approach includes all the theories in psychology, particularly unconscious, and between the different structures of the personality.
On the other hand behaviourist psychology believes that people learn from the environment, and doesn’t consider about mental processes, instead psychodynamic approach looks at things happening in the mind only. Psychodynamic theory looks at the very deepest parts of a person and tries to heal them from the inside out. Studies have shown…

Behaviourist approach believes that you act the way you do from past experiences, however the psychodynamic approach believes that what happened to you in the past has been locked away somewhere of your mind.
Basically the psychodynamic approach is the opposite of behaviourist approach. Skinner believed that children respond to a system of rewards and punishments. He believed that one should focus on external, observable causes of behaviour rather than try to unpack the internal thoughts and motivation. He rejects any attempt on using hypothetical internal processes, instead uses the consequences of a behaviour to explain why the behaviour continues or fades.
The behaviourism approach differs from psychodynamic, because behaviourism is founded on observation, physical stimuli and responses that are measurable by using experiments to support its theory. On the other hand, behaviourists use science to analyse everything, compared to psychodynamic that is based on assumptions. In addition, psychodynamic approach criticises behaviourist as it doesn’t accept that the unconscious mind influences behaviour.
Psychodynamic approach takes into account both nature and nurture, whereas behaviourist approach doesn’t take the nurture side of…