Racial Profiling Against Hispanics Essay

Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. Racial profiling against Hispanics includes people from North American, South American and Central Americans. An example of racial profiling against Hispanics is by the color of our skin, which the majority skin tone (Color) is brown but not all of them, some may be a different color and are Hispanics.

Sadly, our identity is defined by the color of our skin and we are targeted and threatened with deportation and thinking that we are all illegal immigrants and discriminating with hurtful words that express that we do not belong here in the United States, even though some were born in the United States. Also supposedly that we are taking everyone’s job, but it is usually people who think that and that say that, are the people who can get a job but do not want to or cannot get a job, so they just blame the Hispanics.

We are the easy targeted race and stereotype are made about us, by only referring Hispanics as illegal immigrant which is not because there is other immigrants who migrated to the United States and are here illegally and society does not refer them as illegal immigrants. Also it leads to being arrested unfairly for no reason, just because he or she was Hispanic. In Arizona which already has accepted racial profiling against Hispanics that has made the law passed which is called “SB1070. ” Then there are people who racial profile against Hispanics by saying things that are not true, which lead to controversy.

Racial profiling against Hispanics leads to being unfairly arrested or stopped for no reason, being deported back to his or her native born country, and some people are ignorant and use racial profiling as hatred against Hispanics. Back in the days police were rougher when racial profiling against Hispanics than now. In the book “Always Running” written by Luiz J. Rodriguez was about how he got involved in a gang called “Lomas. ” He wrote how back in the days in California, when going to the beach it was this trend that was barrio people and the beach people or rephrasing it the surfers against beaners.

Barrio people would define a person who would be able to speak Spanish and beach people would be white people and engabachados- Mexicans trying to be white. One day when Luis and his friends, which were Chicharon, Wilo and a person who was referred as “Black-Dog” because he was so dark and the Acuna sisters, which were Herminia and Santita, were hanging out in the beach and heard some bad things coming out of a van that were shouting from the parking area “Fuck you, beaners! , Mexicans suck! ”(Rodriguez 65). Us Hispanics do not let that pass and get angry fast, so Black-dog started to shout aloud bad words in Spanish.

People who started saying bad things to Luiz and his buddies were police officers from Huntington Beach Police Department. First, they arrested everyone and took them in the department. This quote shows that we must be careful to not trust the police officers and tells us how police officers would racial profile against Hispanics a lot, but no more. Police officers who racial profile against Hispanics would lead to being arrested for no reason and produce physical abuse to those who were arrested or stopped. The police department called “East Haven” located in Connecticut had a huge scandal that involved the Hispanic community in Connecticut.

In 2010 Yadanny Garcia was a victim of East Haven Police Department that he did not deserve to go thru, in the article “Latinos Immigrants to sue a Connecticut Police Dept. , Asserting Racial Bias” . “Why they were ordering him to the ground, they shocked him three times with a Taser gun, punched him and told him to “go back to your country” (Dolnick). This quote proves that some police officers are racially profiling specific types of races and approach with aggression before talking reasonably and handling the situation calmly. Also some officers prefer actions instead of words.

In 2012 three officers and a sergeant were involved from East Haven police that were racial profiling, particularly against Hispanics and were charged with multiple types of felony that they have committed. In the article “An Outrage in East Haven“ that was published in New York Times “The Federal Bureau of investigation arrested a sergeant and three officers on charges of terrorizing the town’s Hispanic neighborhood, stopping and detaining people, searching businesses without cause, beating people in handcuffs, smashing a man’s into a wall”(“An Outrage in East Haven”).

This quote proves evidence because it shows that the police are not always our hero that they’re supposed to be and choose the bad ways to handle the situation. Some police officers abuse the power given and think that they can do whatever they want and think no consequences will be given. Which is not supposed to be that way, it’s supposed to be “To serve and to protect” the famous quote that is printed in the driver side of the police car vehicle not “Choose who you want to hurt or kill. Then there is a sheriff that uses racial profiling against Hispanics that is now happening in the United States and his name is Joe Arpaio from a department in Arizona.

His specific goal is to get every illegal immigrant out of Arizona . In the article “Is Sheriff Joe Arpaio using racial profiling to find illegal immigrants? ” “The suit’s Hispanics plaintiff contend that Sheriff Arpaio is ignoring constitutional probable cause standards by targeting Latinos with traffic stops, during which they are asked about their immigration status. (Jonsson). This quote provides evidence that people who have been given power, such as a police officer or sheriff and who racial profiling against Hispanics go to an extreme that they break of being an American. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has forgotten that he is breaking the rule that our founding fathers have written to keep the United State stable. It brought controversy because he went into a trail about him not stopping racial profiling against Hispanics and he was using that to catch people and almost ended up in jail.

Arizona was tough on immigration and wanted to take action into their own hands. The state started to make a proposal that was called Arizona Senate Bill 1070 or “SB1070” which was passed as a law in April 2010 and was put into practice in July 2010. This law basically uses racial profiling against Hispanics because any police officer who is from the department of Arizona can legally stop a person who looks Hispanic and ask for papers that is legal here in the United States.

The Supreme Court gave their opinion about the name of SB1070 which they rephrase it by “Show me your papers. ” According to a document “On the Effectiveness of SB1070 in Arizona” by Dorantes Catalina Amuedo, and Fernando Lozano “… such as SB1070, in deterring unauthorized immigrant from settling in the state. Given its deleterious impact on personal freedom, the emerging accusations on racial profiling by the police and the record level of spending on interior immigration enforcement, the merit of SB1070 depends entirely on its ability to deter unauthorized immigrant.

This quote proves that this law is full of racial profiling because that state is so discriminatory that they are doing everything in their power that it wants every undocumented person to get out of that state and only want people who are legally born in the United Sates. Which people were starting to get scared as one person describe that is horrible living in Arizona after one year the law had been made. In the article of “Living in the shadow of SB1070”. “If you look brown, you are seen as a target’, Lopez says “We know the risk of going outside, of going to the grocery store.

Because he could not produce a driver license, Lopez was arrested. ” (Picker) This quote proves evidence because it is hard living in Arizona, just because of our skin color they already want to interrogate us and if they do not obey the police officers, then it is more consequence so you cannot escape from them, it will be like fleeing from a police officer and more charges put to you. Then there are people who are ignorant and always use racial profiling. This person has stirred controversy a lot throughout his presidential campaign the person’s name is Donald Trump.

When he first announced that he was running for president 2016 he gave a big speech about what he is going to do when he becomes president, he called the Latinos criminals and rapists. In the article “9 Outrageous Things Donald Trump Has Said About Latinos”. “When Mexico send its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapist.

And some, I assume, are good people. ”(Moreno) This quote provided evidence because some are really ignorant that they jump ahead of things that are not really true. Donald Trump stirred controversy once he said that because every Latino and people who are from Mexico do not like Donald Trump at all. Even the ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada, prohibited him from entering Cancun and said the he is sure that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall that Donald Trump proposed to do once he is elected as president.

Also, his famous quote is “Making America Great Again” which social media turned it into “Making America White Again” which it seems reasonable that it applies to him because all he does is bash other races except whites. Overall, we should stop the racial profiling against Hispanics because it would lead to going to jail unfairly, and being deported and stop the ignorance and know Latinos before saying something you might regret because it might cause controversy.

We must tell all of the police and sheriff that we have feelings and families that cannot be separated because it might cause a big upset to the children. If this keeps on going because now they have threatened with massive raids in California. Hispanics are worried because they do not want to go back to their native born country because there are drug cartels and people over there buying land as houses and the drug cartel threatens to kill them if they do not give their land. So it is hard living over there and here in America is the land of opportunities and is a refuge for those who are fleeing from persecutions.