An Argument Against Racial Profiling Essay

For my opinion I’m going against racial profiling meaning that I’m going to talk about it in a CON perspective. To me racial profiling can cause a lot problems, and the reason for that is because when the police are racial profiling they could be going for the wrong person because of the color of their skin, the person that the police stopped could be innocent and while the police is there trying to see what that person has done wrong the police could be missing out on catching a real criminal.

Racial profiling can cause serious problems to police officers if they treat somebody different when stopping them that officer could lose their job for not living up to the duties of a police officer to protect and serve.

So racial profiling is not a good thing for the police to do I feel that the police should only confront the people that are doing suspicious things that would really help the police catch more criminals that are really committing crimes instead of the police stopping people because of the color of their skin, because that is not good and the reason why is because some police officers are rude to those that are a skin color that the officers do not like.

I feel that the world would really be better without racial profiling because that is just like judging a book by its cover meaning that the officers are assuming the worst which is not a good thing to do. Profiling is something that is practiced in the law enforcement, and the term profiling means viewing certain characteristics as indicators of criminal behavior, but some police officers take profiling to racial profiling meaning that they target people of a certain color just because they think that color or race is always doing something bad.

When racial profiling is occurring it can cause some serious problems in a community because that race that is being targeted by police officers will not like that too kindly and they will start to do something about being racially profiled. Defining racial profiling) There are several things why police officers should not racially profile but there is one that really stands out, and that is why the police officers are concentrating on one race or color because they are racially profiling them the officers are missing out on a crime that is a lot more serious than them trying to accuse somebody because of the way they look, that could lead to something bad because the crime that the officers are not paying no attention to could cause death or worst.

A good example that I can explain for racial profiling is that an African American person is driving through a white neighborhood that would be a reason that an officer would stop them because the officer is racially profiling because of the way the person looks or how they are dressed. (Defining racial profiling) The factors that can influence the officer’s decisions after making a traffic stop will come from the Police Public Contact Survey in 1999 this means that when a police officer stops somebody it will determine what the officer will do that could mean that the officer might treat them the right or wrong way.

Research shows that young African American and Hispanic males are at an all-time high for: citations, searches, arrest, and uses of excessive force towards them. There might be times that racial profiling works but every African American or Hispanic is not doing something wrong all the time, but the police officers think every African American or Hispanic person is doing something bad so they are going to stop them.

Drivers characteristics during traffic stops) Don’t get me wrong if somebody does something wrong with a different race or color you will look at them funny but that does not mean that you look at the rest of the race like they will do the same thing because they will not everybody is not the same, and that is what police officers do if they catch one person out of a race doing something wrong they will look for all the people in that race or of that color to do something wrong that is why they racial profile a certain color or race all the time which it should not be like that, never let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

Drivers characteristics during traffic stops) Racial profiling is a big problem that occurs lawmakers were trying to figure out how to reduce racial profiling because it was causing a lot problems not just for the people that are being racially profiled but for the officers that are getting in trouble for not treating the people of a certain race or color right, officers that stop certain people can see all that persons information from the computer in their police car right before the traffic stop which the law enforcement department that the officer is in can go back, and see if the officer was racially profiling them. Ecology of racial profiling)

Race, Place, Hit Rate which means people will be racially profiled from the color of their skin also it just depends on that type of place they are in at the time will more likely play a part in being stopped because of their race, like if you are in a neighborhood where drugs are being sold all the time so when you drive through you will be stopped because the police officer thinks that every person that rides through is there to buy drugs when meanwhile the person is just driving through to go home. (Ecology of racial profiling) Are police officers enemies for racial profiling?

Some people might look at them as enemies but police officers are just like regular people they will make mistakes in life or on their job while performing the duties to keep people save, but if the police officer continues to repeat the same thing dealing with racial profiling then something should be done with that officer majority of the time when an officer does something wrong they learn from the mistake, and that is the main point of being a police officer is to learn from the things that are not right so you will not make that mistake again causing even more trouble than before.

Are police the enemy? ) But police officers deal with so much on a regular I can see why they would be racial profiling a lot of people because they feel that if they do that it would lead to them catching more people committing crimes, but if the police officers just profile hat would be better because that would be when they stop people for doing something suspicious meaning that they would not stop nobody because of their color, and also when they stop somebody for looking suspicious they will not disrespect them because they have no hate towards that color or race the officer is just doing their job.

But if they stop somebody because they are racial profiling then they will be disrespectful to them the reason why is the officer has some type of hate towards the person of that race. (Are the police the enemy? My solution to stop all the racial profiling is that the officers treat everybody fair, and what I mean by that is the police officers do not need to stop nobody because of the color of their skin they should only stop people when they see the person driving which could be: speeding, drunk driving, texting and driving, wearing no seatbelt that is when a police officer should stop somebody because that is a valid reason to stop somebody because the person is disobeying the law in some type of way, and should be punished for it.

Officers perform exactly how they are trained so if the officer is trained by a person that is not doing the right thing while performing their duties as a police officer than the person being trained will follow all the things that they were taught, and that is because they will not know nothing else but the things that they were taught which could be that racial profiling is a good thing but in reality it is not a good thing to do as a police officer.

Good training can make a police department a lot better because all the new officers will know the right things to do, and how to perform them to keep people safe and out of harm’s way, the best thing to teach the officers is how to profile people, and that means to observe people that are doing something is breaking the law it will make the police officers have a better reputation, and also if the officers just take a daily patrol in a neighborhood or something that can also decrease on the crime because the people will feel like the police is always around and watching out in that community.

I have no problem with racial profiling all I ask is that if the police officers are going to racial profile that they do it the right way meaning that they have a good reason to stop you or they know for a fact that you have did something wrong because sometimes when police officers racial profile it turns out good sometimes long as it is done the right way. The big fuss is that when officers stop somebody because they are racial profiling is that the officer treats the person real bad for no reason, and the person has not did nothing wrong.

Perceptions of racial profiling) I have had my own personal experience with being racially profiled, it happened one night that I was coming from my friend’s house | was driving my car had rims on it, and it was late I was ten minutes from my house when I was stopped by the officer he asked to see my license and shortly after that he let me go he did not say what I was being stopped for or nothing I feel like he was racially profiling me because I was an African American male out late he probably thought I was selling drugs or something.

But from the doing all the research about racial profiling I still say and always will say that racial profiling is wrong you are false accusing somebody just because of the color of their skin which is not the right thing to do, you should always see the best in everybody until they prove you wrong which means never accuse somebody of doing something bad until you actually see them do it with your own two eyes. What I opened my paper with was never judge a book by its cover always get to know the person before you start judging them on all the bad things that they might be doing, never assume nothing know the facts before judging a person.