Black Men And Public Space Rhetorical Analysis Research Paper

True Equality We live in a judgmental world; believe it or not that’s just how it is. People are going to judge you before even knowing you and what your intentions are. Brent Staples, who is an African American, experiences the moment of feeling like a threat to women and people based on his color of skin and the way he is dressed. Almost all black men in today’s generation are likely to be suspects or looked at as a criminals or dangers to people. This is due to the fact that colored people are usually the race that’s being placed under arrest.

It is correct that colored men have the highest criminal rate, but not all colored men should be distinguished as criminals for the actions of their race. In the essay “Black Men and Public Space,” by author Brent Staples, he uses ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade his of the prejudiced nature of our society. Brent Staples wanted to be equal to everyone else but was still judged by his color, color that makes people have fewer opportunities in their life than others. But why should a color matter and describe a person when in some cases those men are really great people.

No one should feel threatened by seeing them or getting to know them. People should value the same rights as everyone else has and that shouldn’t make anyone else feel different. Being white, black or in between we are all still the same just that each race has more criminals who make really poor choices. That does not mean we have to go after one race when colored people aren’t the only ones breaking the law. If black people are to be judged, why shouldn’t everyone else be judged? If that were the case other race besides the black would not like it and most of them would cause a big problem about it.

We were all brought into this world the same way but made different choices that led to wrong path. The choices someone makes will make them the person they are today. Brent who uses ethos to convince readers that colored men should be looked at the same as everyone else. Not all colored men are to be represented the same as half of their race for the wrong doing of their people. Several colored people are looking for a better life by getting an education. The people just have to get to know them to see who really are and why their intentions are.

Being that different color of skin doesn’t mean were different, we’re all still trying to be successful for the most part. So why make someone feel miserable for judging them by their color of race. Staples uses pathos to persuade the reader that here are also different ways colored men can be judged. Colored men can be discriminated by people because of their color of their skin. Staples talks about the time he was twenty-one years old and had just graduated going on to a university. Since he is a colored man that was walking around town he noticed a white woman not so far away from him.

She looked at him as a dangerous man like if she was feared and very unsafe around him. Staples stated “It was clear that she thought to herself the quarry of a mugger, a rapist, or worse” (179). When a person is being discriminated in some cases they began having suicidal thoughts. Several also defend themselves against racism and someone could end up being hurt or cause death. Racism also affects the feelings of a person which could cause them to make crucial choices. We as a society should not allow the color of a man, woman or people make us feel unsafe or feared.

Besides pathos, Staples also uses logos to influence how many people should be aware of being victims of discrimination, but the society shouldn’t be so judgmental of someone looks. When Staples worked as a journalist in Chicago he one day came in rushing to work and stated “I was mistaken for a burglar. ” (181) He didn’t have any proof who he was but try to look for someone who knew him. Police officers often mistaken the colored race for a criminal just because of his skin. Several of black men are forced to live with this while other races aren’t doing anything about this.

Being dressed with cheaper or nice clothes does not and should not distinguish someone as a criminal or better than someone else. With the help of society, we can put a stop to this tolerance act and be able to see everyone equally. Staples states “he was raised in a town with family that was in gangs and fortunately dressed in the same cloth as them” (182). Staples the only clothes he had available to him but his mindset was totally different. He was the good boy that chose a different path as a journalist writer.

He also states that as “he would remain an avid night walker he would go into the alleys to get home sooner but in the alleys he would see people walking by there as well. ” He noticed those people feared him they believe that he was a theft, a rapist and was a danger based on his looks (181). Staples Successfully uses ethos, pathos and logos to receive a caring reaction to his argument. As Brent Staples was judged by his appearance but his work described him towards the end. These elements help describe his experience of misjudgment for his color. He was judged by people in a bad way for being a colored man but was a man of an education.

Staples helps readers understand how some black men are judged and even discriminated in several parts of the world by different races. By using those three elements he persuades the readers to move towards the feeling of how men are judged. This helps the readers look to help defend those colored men that are being victims. Readers are left hoping that the society will command a change for the wrong doing of several people judging a person by their color and race. We find that this will make a change to a person’s life without leaving them with the feel of insecurity towards themselves. (1077 Words)