Reduce Poverty In Mexico Essay

Many countries face many problems, problems that don’t allow it to be a comfortable place to be or safest place to be. This causes for people to leave it and their families, to go to a better place where they can have a great life. Countries like this are all over the world, but one important one is Mexico. Mexico is a country just below the U. S that constantly faces violence, corruption, and most importantly poverty. Above all those, poverty is what mostly affects the Mexican people which forces them to immigrate and face persecution by authorities.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way at all if the President’s wanted to. If Mexican politicians raised the labor wages for workers, and created more jobs this will for sure decrease poverty in the country. The are many problems in Mexico, but the main and most important one is poverty, the amount people starving and not having enough money to support themselves doesn’t stop. Some people do have jobs, but don’t earn enough even though the work is rough. The conditions that people live in, in some places is horrible to watch.

Studies have shown that around half of the Mexican people are poor and extremely poor. This woman, “Zuniga is one of the 45. 5 percent of Mexicans who live below the poverty line. That is only down slightly from 2010 levels, government data showed on Monday”(Mexico’s Poverty 2). The origins of this issue go back to the New Spain times, when Spain drained its colonies of it gold. However, it’s not all Spain’s fault it’s the Mexicans presidents in the past who just enter office, for money all for themselves.

Hernandez 2 Mexicans, “are now worse off than they were when former President Felipe Calderon entered the last two years of a sixyear term in which poverty swelled by nearly 3 percent”(Mexico’s poverty 11). The presidents have done nothing to help out the country. By the presidents not doing anything to decrease poverty, the Mexican people are greatly affected. Mexicans are forced to work extremely hard or starve. Also, they are forced to move away from their family to the U. S to make more money. Wives and children don’t see their men for months even years, plus they are in constant fear of being caught.

The article Mexico to USA Migration states that, “A large portion of the Mexican population are farmers, living in rural areas where extreme temperatures and poor quality land make it difficult to actually farm”(paragraph 4). This means that Mexicans aren’t able to function properly in their homeland, even though poverty has increased it’s still a huge problem. This is a problem not just for Mexicans, but to Americans because their jobs are taken. Unemployment is also starting to be a problem in the U. S, and Mexicans are willing to work for low wages which Americans are not.

This causes social problems between the two, Mexicans are chosen over Americans because it’s cheaper for the bosses. To prove it, “Now, as unemployment rises in America, Americans want these menial jobs but many migrants already have taken the jobs”(Mexico to US Migration 13), and “Americans who are desperate for work are now often expected to work at these incredibly low wages to, which they can’t afford to do, leading to increased poverty in America”(Mexico to US Migration 14).

By Mexico being poor everyone around is being affected it’s now a problem for Americans who need jobs too. If the problem isn’t solved Americans will suffer being unemployment will increase for them, causing the economy to go down, and Mexicans will continue to be forced away from their families and homes. Mexican presidents have the ability to solve the problem if they wanted. For instance, Hernandez 3 this expert states that “The Mexican president earns some 150,000 Mexican pesos a month.

This equates to some 12,000 US dollars a month, or 144,000 dollars a year”(Answers 1). With this we can see that Mexicans presidents do have the ability to create more jobs, and modernize some towns. However, Mexico’s government is extremely corrupt, and Presidents just use the money they receive for their own benefit. This can be read in this article, “Corruption in Mexico is of course nothing new, but it is hard to remember a time when there were so many cases unveiled in such close temporal proximity”(Corruption in Mexico Paragraph 2).

The Mexican people will continue to suffer in poverty until something is done, and until the right president is chosen. Mexican people will also have to continue dealing with violence from the cartel, if corruption continues. There are many solutions to end Mexico’s poverty, such as raising the wages for workers because currently workers only work for a bite to eat some even starve to feed their children. Raising the labor wages in Mexico will allow its economy to grow and, make the Mexican people be more successful in raising a family.

For instance, this article claims that “Raising the minimum wage would be good for our economy. A higher minimum wage not only increases workers incomes—which is sorely needed to boost demand and get the economy goingbut it also reduces turnover, cuts the costs that lowroad employers impose on taxpayers, and pushes businesses toward a highroad, highhumancapital model”(Raising the Minimum Wage Would Help, Not Hurt, Our Economy 1). This clearly tells the reader that by raising the minimum wage ,not just workers benefit but so does the nation economically.

This soluti feasible because the government has the willpower to make this happen, if it stopped being so corrupt and actually did something Mexico would be a better place. This solution will indeed solve the Hernandez 4 poverty problem, for example “The minimum wage increase would play “a modest but important role in reducing poverty and raising family incomes at the bottom”(Yes, a minimum wage boost will reduce poverty 6). Here it is proven that this solution will actually work, it is claimed by economists.

This solution is better than the others, because it’s the only solution out there in Mexico. The government has done nothing to reduce poverty, but feel themselves with money and forgetting about the people. Reducing poverty helps many people not just one, however the Mexican people need to protest and get a better government. Another solution is to create more jobs in Mexico, there are not enough jobs either some towns don’t even have any jobs. Jobs also need to be available no matter what the type of education someone has, because many can’t afford to go to school.

For instance, “So with nothing remotely like a second stimulus bill in the cards, the best hope for goosing the economy, creating jobs and providing relief for the needy could lie in a Washington economist’s ingenious scheme to get a chunk of that money put into circulation right now, in helpful ways”(A New Big Idea: Create Jobs And Reduce Poverty By Doubling The Charitable Deduction 2). Many economists argue and argue that this is the best way to reduce poverty in any country, because the ability for people to earn more money increases.

This is another thing that Mexicans need to protest, the government over there needs to help decrease poverty which will also help the economy. To prove it, “Insiders knew it wasn’t but the I have always argued that the best solution for poverty is to initially create decent paying jobs. I have also argued for many years that only the national government has the capacity to really intervene in this way”(The best way to eradicate poverty is to create jobs 1).

Here we can see that professional people agree with this solution, and have everything to back it up. Hernandez 5 Between the two solutions, raising the minimum wage is the best one. This so, because if Mexico just has many jobs but they all have extremely low wages it just makes the worker suffer. Whereas, if there are a decent amount of jobs with a high low wages, the worker won’t need a second job and he will be with his family longer.

For example, “Broadbased wage growth—if we can figure out how to achieve it would dwarf the impact of early every other economic trend or policy in reducing poverty”(Increasing Wages is an Effective Poverty Reduction Tool, Even for Kids 1). Mexico not necessary has to go out and make new jobs, it just needs to have jobs that pay well decent so Mexicans don’t have to leave to another country. Men don’t want to be away from their families, if they find a stable nation that helps them, then they will stay. The reader can see this here, “Increasing the minimum wage would have two principal effects on lowwage workers.

Most of them would receive higher pay that would increase their family’s income, and some of those families would see their income rise above the federal poverty threshold”(The Effects of a Minimum Wage Increase on Employment and Family Income 1). Families and communities will benefit greatly, if the minimum wage is raised the country will also. Although there are many who agree that raising wages and creating jobs will reduce poverty, there are others who say it will make it worse. Heritage Foundation expert James Shrek claims that raising the wages will not reduce poverty, but increase it even more.

Shrek tells the reader that, “No business pays its employees more than they produce. A higher minimum wage would cause businesses to lay off every worker who does not add at least $9 an hour in value to their enterprise”(The National Memo 2). Moreover, he says that lowwage workers with large families benefit from government assistance, but if their wages are raised their support decreases. Hernandez 6 To prove it, “As workers’ incomes rise they qualify for less and less aid-effectively an additional tax on their income”(The National Memo 4).

James even get support from The Congressional Budget Office to defend his argument, he says that the office “finds these reductions push many lowincome workers’ marginal tax rates to nearly 100 percent”(The National Memo 7). This shows that James does have proof of his claim, however more people support the raise of minimum wages. If wages were raised, workers wouldn’t even need the government and they could fend for themselves. For instance, this article states “Increasing the minimum wage to $10. 10 an hour would raise almost a million people above the poverty line”(Minimumwage increase would benefit many 3).

Yes taxes will be raised, but it won’t be a problem if the person has enough money to pay them. Then, another article tells the reader how many economists also claim that a raise in wages will reduce employment. To prove it, “Historically, economists’ scepticism was rooted in the worry that wage floors reduce employment”(Why some economists oppose minimum wages 2). The article shows that this claim is successful by using the opinions of many expert economists, even so creating more jobs will help those unemployed find work.

The General Assembly claims that, “Sustained, inclusive growth aimed at creating decent, quality jobs for the millions of unemployed, underemployed and informally employed people around the world was the key to reducing poverty in the post2015 era, speakers in the General Assembly said today” (Growth Driven Quality Jobs Key to Reducing Poverty in Post2015 Era 1). The statement opposed is also backed up by experts, and shows that its argument is the best solution to reduce poverty.

The two opposing people have extremely strong arguments, but do not help the typical worker gain money which they need to Hernandez 7 support their families. Everyone needs money to get by in life, and the more you have the better, too much money is never a bad thing. The best solutions to reduce poverty in Mexico is to raise the labor wages for workers, and to create more jobs. By doing this more Mexicans will be able to support their families, not have to immigrate, and will be able to save up money creating credit.

If Mexicans have more money, the economy in their nation will start to increase and the people will live better. Some argue that by the people earning more money they will receive less help from the government, that is actually a good thing so they can fend for themselves and their family. The Mexican government needs to apply these the solutions, otherwise more people will continue to starve and suffer. This poverty cannot continue, something has to be done and the solutions are there waiting to happen.