Reflective Essay: My Personal Branding Plan

Personal Branding Plan
I am a determined person who continuously thinks about my future and obtaining goals. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Committing to a four year course has required me to persistently focus as the courses develop. Working hard on this academic journey, I have gathered a set of very transferable skills in the business world. My goal is to make use of my various skills with a professional company. My previous work experience in various companies, as well as working with organizational teams as an administrative assistant, has made me mindful that while I can be an individual contributor and accomplish much. Working with a team often invites…

Their increased improvements on social media show the continuous progress this company thrives for. I have excellent people skills and I can assist customers with their questions online, in person, by phone, or email. My approach is pleasant and helpful. I would enjoy becoming a part of their executive leadership as it is considered one of the best in the industry. This company cares about their employees personally and invests in various careers and development which supports the opportunity for growth (Sodexo, 2015).
General Electric (GE)
General Electric has built a reputation based on the strength of their constant breakthrough products. I would love to become a part of the management team at GE. From the various conversations I have had with current and past employees at GE, their culture of the company is a result oriented company and they give some space for employees to develop, advance, make improvements, and teamwork. I want to become part of this company as I would continuously make progress, advance, and make improvements to various skills and knowledge that I will obtain as an employee (General Electric, 2015).
Strategies for Contacting These…