Essay about Personal Narrative: My Leadership Development Plan

Leadership is simply possessing the competency, skills and ability to model and guide others in a direction or arrangement that leaves them still feeling well accomplished and empowered. “Today’s leaders face complex challenges, mounting scrutiny, flatter organizations and a future that promises more of each. ” (……… ), it is for that very reason that for those of us who have a passion and an urgent desire to be leaders must posses not only intellectual skills but a great amount of emotional intelligence as well.

Through out this course I have learned, practiced and even studied what qualities and steps to take in order to be a great mentor and leader to others. The old saying goes that “even the most casual trips require a destination and the consultation of a map”, and that is exactly what this leadership development plan for me is all about. In the next few pages I will be detailing how my leadership plan will lead and guide me towards becoming a better leader in the near future. Every strong leader must be able to acknowledge his or her strengths and be to build up on them. Among my strengths include organization.

A famous athlete once said that “for every minute spent organizing an hour is earned”, this couldn’t have been more right when it comes to leadership. Organization is a very important aspect of being an effective leader, throughout my personal life I have found it quite easy to get my tasks done thanks to my excellent and unique organizational skills. In order to stay organized, first and foremost I start by writing down and detailing the different steps that I need to take. This helps me stay and task as well as ensuring that all the necessary steps and tasks are completed.

My organization skills will for sure translate once I join the workforce and I’m in a position where I have to provide instructions to subordinates and other peers. I truly believe that having tangible and well organized materials can help others to work towards the same goals. Secondly among my other strengths that I exhibit include responsibility. Responsibility is simply the opportunity and the ability to act independently in order to be able to make decisions without any form of authorization from a superior party.

It’s no secret that in order for any business to function both the employers and the employees must be well able to live up to their responsibilities. From a very young age l’ve been put in a position where I had been forced to be responsible. Being the first born in the family meant that I was pretty much in charge of taking care of my siblings, I can remember several occasions where my parents entrusted me to instruct my siblings what to and not to do, this to me represents responsibility.

As it relates to the workplace, responsibility is really more basic than most people think. It can be summarized up in the famous Bill Belichick’s words “do your job”, work responsibility consists of meeting one’s job expectations as well as fulfilling their daily work duties. Responsibility does not only apply to employees it applies to employers just as much, in fact in a recent article written by Dennis Hartman, he says this about employer’s responsibility “employers must find ways to communicate what each worker’s job entails.

Formal job descriptions spell out employees’ responsibilities clearly and in written form for future reference. Performance evaluations help leaders ensure that employees are living up to their work responsibilities, or provide discipline or training when they aren’t. ” (Hartman). Based on my past experiences and education skills I’m convinced that my life experiences will translate into a responsible individual once I join the work force.

Michael Jordan once said this about weaknesses, “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength. ” Any good leader should be able to outline areas where improvement is needed, after all acknowledging my weaknesses can only serve to make me better in my leadership position. Throughout this course I have also learned a lot about my current managers and the reasoning behind their criticism from time to time and I have been able to invite and embrace their criticism.

I am not sure where this leadership development plan will take me in life but I do know that it gives me a road map and a clear guide to continually look at and update throughout my journey. I see myself being leader among my co workers if given the opportunity. I see my self being someone who they look up to and come to for guidance, coaching, and support if needed. I would really like to be someone with true honesty and integrity who stands above the nonsense and rises to the occasion whenever necessary.