Leadership Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

Su Yi Huang (Sandy)
Leadership Self Analysis Report
Where are you now? What are your current leadership strengths and weaknesses?
After I study my surveys results and feedback, I did the summary for myself. I am a conservative and traditional person which is very close to what I feel about myself.
As a conservative style leader, I am detail-oriented and have high deliberateness, therefore, I usually have great tolerance on doing routine tasks than other people and it helps me do well the tasks which need high accuracy. In addition, I got high score on agreeableness as well which means I am compassionate and prefer harmonious better than competition and conflict. I always get along with my team members well and like to work as a small…

I set these goals for longer-term because I think I would gain more knowledge and training on this from more practical experience in the working environment. Just seating in the classes and listen to the lecture is not enough to narrow the gap. In summary, how to enrich myself in order to get decent offer is my primary developmental gap. Once I eliminate the first gap, my developmental gap will become how to learning from doing in the working…

How have your reports and theories from the class helped you to understand yourself as a leader?
By reviewing my results, I found some common points and similarities in the leadership parts. Most of the results I got are all the average level so I cannot really tell which characteristic or personality I have more. That is, it seems that I do not behave bad but not perfect as well. I am an “OK” person or an “OK” leader. In other words, as a leader, I do not have distinctive characteristics so I need some improvement and change to figure out how to highlight myself.
Moreover, the theories and the lectures from the class indicate that sometimes the strengths I have may turn into weaknesses in some extent. Each characteristic has both positive and negative effect. For example, being over detail-oriented may waste lots of time on doing unnecessary stuff and miss some opportunities. The class also provides a great opportunity to know how other people see me. What I think I am may not be as the same as other people think of me. Therefore, I got many good advice. As result, what I am going to do now is move forward step by step in order to reach my goal and eliminate any…