Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Writing Essay

Everybody has distinctive strengths and weaknesses that influences their writing style, just as the process applied to a writing project is unique to the individual. How I approach a writing assignment and transfer my thoughts into a cohesive essay is my unique writing process. Using my strengths and being aware of my weaknesses enhances my writing.
My writing process
My process begins before I put pen to paper. I lock myself in a quiet room, shut off my phone, and turn on some eighties hair band music. One thing that helps me write is listening to music. It blocks out distractions and irritating background noises.
Once I’m comfortable, I spend about 20-minutes on focused free writing, then move on to clustering my ideas into subtopics, and…

I spend a lot of time trying to craft the perfect sentences, only to find myself exasperated that I must cut a vast majority of wording while maintaining a powerful essay worth reading.
While writing too much is a weakness, it plays into my greatest strength. I write to the point and stay on topic. My writing is easy to follow and only contains relevant information. I give great detail without getting off subject. I never have to worry about not having enough to say.
Being an introvert is another strength for my writing, but also creates a weakness in my writing. My shyness makes it more difficult to converse verbally with individuals, but has amplified my written communication skills. At the same time, I write in the passive voice more than what is appropriate. Although passive voice is the author’s choice, it is not the preferred voice of many readers.
My personal writing process helps me create the best writing I possibly can. Playing on my strengths and working on my weaknesses enhances my writing and allows for the creation of a well-crafted essay. My process may not be the same as others, but these are the steps I need to produce a powerful essay worth reading. Education and practice can help me further develop my weaknesses into strengths. As I learn new techniques, perhaps my future writing process will evolve, as…