Personal Narrative: My Strengths Essay

Prognostication: The telling or prediction of future events to come.
Predicting the school year ahead really depends on one key factor; myself. How my year turns out is ultimately based on how much effort I put into it.
My own strengths vary from my work to my own personal growth. I think that from an educational standpoint, my strengths are mostly work related. I tend to be able to get focused and complete my assignments thoroughly, or at the very least to the best of my ability.
From a personal standpoint, my strengths all revolve around others. I’m a quite person overall so that means I tend to be able to focus on others easily.
My weaknesses are really the same, regardless of if it as a learner or a personal one. I am not always considerate of others, especially when I should be. I also can have a problem putting things off when they should really be a priority. These things add up to describe how it is hard for me to always be aware of myself. I am hoping that by starting off the year at a good pace, I will be able to stick with completing my assignments early….

Math, science (specifically chemistry,) and the study of art/history are all subjects that interest me. Most of these are things I haven’t learned much about, so I am excited about studying them more in the upcoming years.
There are also several subjects I wish I knew more about already. Language (english,) world history, and science ; all subjects I either haven’t studied much or that are just difficult for…