Reflective Essay On Volunteering

I am spending my time volunteering at St. Marks United Methodist Church (St. Marks UMC). This church is an open community, working to create a comfortable atmosphere for anyone and everyone in and around the area. I work specifically with the youth of the church and I reach out to students who are my age or younger than me. I have been volunteering at St. Marks for almost four years, assisting in many different groups and organizations sponsored by our church. I volunteer at this church because it has given me an opportunity to be myself, explore talents, and make strong connections, and I want to help continue this effort and reach out to kids who are struggling with a lot of the same difficulties I faced. I believe that volunteering here is a great experience for someone studying psychology because you meet and get to know many kids who are facing various issues in their lives.
According to Erik Erikson, these teens are in the stage of fidelity and face the challenge of Identity vs. Role Confusion. Creating connections with other peers and adults is important in this stage and I want to help out these youth as they discover their identity. Many of the children who attend youth services, events and other activities often express that they feel a strong connection with the leaders and other students. Personally, during my time as a youth, I experienced a feeling of being loved and appreciated by adults and youth in the community of St….

It truly has changed my life in the best way possible. I have grown a strong love for all of the children in our youth group and I have made life-long connections with many of them. I am looking forward to every Sunday that I can help out at St. Marks UMC Youth and I am determined to volunteer as much as I can for as long as possible. This has sincerely taught me so much about myself and other people and I know I will never forget these…