Reflective Report In Coaching Essay

Coaching Sessions
Conducting the coaching session made me reflect on my perception of things and how I could improve for next time. The following questions were the focus of all three coaching sessions:
• How effective do you think you were as a coach?
• What specific strategies did you use?
• What lessons have you learned serving as a coach?
• What worked?
• What do you plan to do differently during your next coaching session, if anything?
These questions served as the basis of the coaching model and helped to reflect how to improve and ask deeper questions.
Coaching Session I:
This fist coaching session I felt up prepared to be the coach, I felt confortable been the client. I felt that I was not prepared to coach the client’s areas…

Topics discussed by the client were related to interpersonal conflicts, personality issues and pressure at work. The client projected similar issues related to their responsibilities, professionalism and peer expectations. The client went into deep reflection on new curriculum that they are implementing and are not meeting and her frustration that there is no guidance or background regarding the new curriculum. Areas of concern and frustration for the client were principal trying to shine at the district offices without taking into account the daily classroom routine and jumping into the next new thing without considering how this would affect staff and the…

This allowed me to be prepared and guide the conversation to ensure the client reflects and go deeper into the issue to find they why.
After conduction all three sessions I realized that being a coach is difficult and one has to be prepared for any eventuality. By this I mean that I need to know my client and prepare for every session to make the client think and process issues in a depth and make the session meaningful. Every time I thought I was prepared I realized after the session that I was not. I thought the conversation would go one way and it would go another. The more I thought and prepare on how to assist my client it was never enough. I did feel that after each conversation the client felt better and had a plan.
When I became the client I did feel better with more direction after reflecting on the issues we discussed. My coach asked questions that allowed me to reflect and think about how I see and handle certain situations. For example, some issues I had at my job site I had no control over and I had to learn of a way to let go, working on…