Relationship Between Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

2)Prejudice an unjustified or incorrect attitude towards an individual based solely on the individual’s membership of a social group. An example is a person May hold prejudiced views towards a certain race or gender. Discrimination is the behavior or actions, usually negative towards an individual or group of people on the basis of sex, race, and social class. Prejudice is the thoughts and attitude a person holds towards a group of people, while discrimination is the actions against a group. Prejudice is pre-judging someone before you know them.

While discrimination is putting prejudice into practice, for instance, denying someone a job or living accommodation. When being prejudice we just have feelings and attitudes about a certain group or person. Discrimination would be not allowing a felon a job because of his past and not being able to get over it and give him a second chance. An example of prejudice is until the early years of the twentieth century, women were not allowed to vote. Also in the past, some companies only hired women to be secretaries.

Another example would be that some people assume someone is gay because of the way they act. Discrimination is when a company refuses to hire women because they are women. 4)Roller-derby is a very tough sport. Roller-derby don’t fit into the traditional U. S gender roles because it is a tough sport. The traditional female gender role is young girls like pink, Barbie’s, dresses, playing with babies, and tea parties. Girls also thought of being soft, emotional, sweet, and submissive. Well if you have ever soon roller-derby it is very rough.

Girls are pushing, hitting, and running each other over. In gender roles roller-derby is not ok. Females shouldn’t be playing these sports. Females should be home with children, cleaning the house, and cooking. This what female should be doing? They should not being playing a sport that they are pushing, shoving, and hitting. Female that do roller-derby do not fit in the traditional U. S gender roles because they are sweet female they are bad ass. The U. S thinks only men can be bad ass. 5) Glass escalator is defined as the advantage men experience in occupations dominated by women.

Whereas women who enter traditionally male occupations may be seen as tokens, men who move out of sex-typical jobs are likely to be advantaged one of the differences, between the sexes is the pay differential. From the book, it says that a national study released in 2013 found that among full-time, year-round registered nurses, females earn 7 percent less on average than their male counterparts. Even when specializations are considered, pay differences remain; they are even greater among the highest paid nurses, such as a nurse anaesthetizes.

The glass escalator effect describes the differences in upward advancement between men and women in the work place particularly those workplaces that are female dominated. There are hidden advantages that men experience in female dominated work environments which put them in the position to rise to higher levels because of their gender. In female-dominated work places such as nursing and education, the number of opportunities for women is generally increased.

The glass escalator affect occurs, men still tend to rise to higher levels than women and do so by hidden advantages. A few examples that women who take charge would be viewed as aggressive as opposed to assertive in the professional workplace. Another example would be a man trying to get hired as a teacher who works with young children because it is typically a females job; men taking the role of an early childhood teacher may be considered weak and or a creep because working with children is a “women’s” job.

Gender stratification, cuts across all aspects of social life, cuts across all social classes, and refers to men and women’s unequal access to power, prestige, and property on the basis of their sex. I also feel that in society men are to be the bread makers while women sit home an take care of their families. Today you see both male and females working because that’s what they have to do to make ends meet. Men are supposed to be more dominant than women according to society because if a woman is outspoken she is wrong and disrespectful.

For example, if a woman is put in charge of a company where the majority of the workers are men, they may not respond as well as if a men were in charge because they think women are “dumb an shouldn’t be in charge because she should be at home doing the womanly duties. 6) When people talk about abortion, I think they only think about females. Abortion has affected both sides. People think if not allowing female to get abortion you are taking away her rights and then people go after the men and say they don’t understand what it does to a female’s body. Females are the nes who are the most affected when it comes to pregnancies.

In 1973 the Supreme Court granted women the right to terminate pregnancies. The pasted it because they felt that women should have the right to make their own decisions about their body and that women should be able to do it safe and legal. According to 2012 national Survey 52 percent say that abortion should be legal in any case; 28 percent, legal only under certain circumstances; and 18, illegal in all cases. Most people think men don’t care but there is no gender difference in opinion on this opinion.

Men and women hold similar views. I think the status of women has affected the debate of rights of women. In this day in age political try to keep everyone happy and when someone brings up right so women that isn’t going to be taken lightly. We also have a lot more female in more powerfully positions which helps a lot where back in the day there wasn’t much to back them up. 9) Why is divorce becoming more socially accepted in the twentieth century? There are many factors that contribute to the higher divorce acceptance, but by far the biggest contributing factor is money.

Since the men had to leave for world war too in the 19th Century, women had to take their places in the job front. With more women in the workforce, and them being more of decision makers at home due to the fact of their income, they have economic freedom and less ambition to make things work in an unhappy marriage. With that added income in the house, many men have lost a sense of responsibility and commitment. Second biggest contributing factor to divorce acceptance in the 20th Century is due to the No- Fault divorce.

The No-Fault divorce gave people that previously thought it was wrong to severe ties due to religious reason the break they needed. By the No-Fault divorce, either party did not have to show any wrong-doing by their spouse as reasoning for divorce, as in the past you would have to show wrong-doing such as adultery. Another simple factor of why divorce is more accepted now today then previously is simply because we live in me generation. Where previously the motto was to try and work things out, now it simply moves on if the marriage doesn’t work or is difficult.

Lastly, I think another big factor for societies changing attitude towards divorce is we live in a more free generation, with women having more freedoms and just everyone in general. 12) Homeschool has become bigger over the years. Families had found many reason why it is better for them or better than the school they would go to. Same parents have been pushed to homeschool due to poor academic quality, peer pressure, and school violence. I believe school violence has become a big one with everything going on right now.

For immigrants home schooling is a way for family’s to ease their children into the way of life in the U. S. A. There are many sides to if the homeschooling is better or is public schools better. Some has to do if it is better for your child or not. Child with ADD, ADHD, or LD homeschool could really help with learning. Child that have these disables usually need a quite places to learn and slower groups help them. Homeschooling can give the children both of these where public schools can but they can’t 100% of the time. None supports of homeschooling believe that homeschool children are isolated from the larger community, they loe an important chance to improve their socialization skills.

But supports of homeschools state that children benefit from contact from others ages besides their own. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, 10 states require no notification that children will be homeschooled, and another 14 require notification only. Other states may require parents to submit their children’s curricula or test scores for professional evaluation. Religion can make people want to homeschool their children. Parents can keep the families believes strong and children faithful. Homeschooling doesn’t always for all family’s due to money and homeschooling may not work every child either.