Romeo And Juliet Love Letter Assignment

This article is about Romeo and Juliet, the famous story of young love by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet are characters who fall in love with each other despite their families trying to keep them apart. Romeo Montague meets Juliet Capulet at a party where they exchange some words before falling madly in love with each other. Their relationship has ups an downs, threats both from their families and Romeo’s old love. Romeo leaves Juliet to join the fight against Juliet’s family, after Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin.

Romeo gets banished but decides to come back later that night to meet Juliet one last time at her family tomb. Romeo sees another man with his beloved Juliet. Romeo believes this man has taken advantage of her, so Romeo kills him before taking his own life. This is the end of Romeo and Juliet as a romantic story, but it doesn’t have to be the end for you! I will show you how you can write your own modern version Romeo and Juliet! Start out by setting up Romeo and Juliet in contemporary times. They should live at least within 20 miles of each other, Romeo should be around Romeo’s age and Juliet should be around Juliet’s age.

Romeo and Juliet don’t have to live next door to each other; Romeo can be Romeo’s age or a little older and Romeo does not need to go to the same school as Romeo, though this would make their love story more interesting. For example: “Dear Romeo Montague,” I muttered, glancing back at the Montague house across the street. My gaze drifted towards my windowsill. There sat a bouquet of eleven pink roses with a card that read, ‘From your secret admirer. ‘ Seriously! Who has been sending me these flowers? I thought as I turned back toward our driveway where my father was just climbing into his car for work.

Romeo walked out of the house, looking disheveled and tired, with Romeo’s laptop bag slung over Romeo’s shoulder. Romeo looked up at Romeo’s window and our eyes met. Romeo waved awkwardly before Romeo turned on Romeo’s heels towards Romeo’s car which was parked in our driveway. I watched as Romeo drove away then I glanced back down at the roses once more before sighing heavily and stepping into my house. You may want to think about what modern day events you would like Romeo and Juliet to attend while falling in love with each other.

A party is always a good idea but it could be any modern event where your protagonist sees their love for the first time again, do not make it too plain though Romeo should not be Romeo’s and Romeo and Juliet’s first outing as a couple. Romeo and Juliet can attend Romeo’s soccer game or Romeo’s homecoming dance, if Romeo plans to invite Romeo to Romeo’s dance then Romeo should give the invitation before the event instead of at it because this will allow your protagonist to build up tension for what they should say to each other.

Maybe Romeo and Juliet meet at a coffee shop or Starbucks where they see each other every day without speaking until one day when Romeo gets tired of waiting and says hello! If you want to go with an alternate route though, maybe Romeo sees Juliet at her family owned bookstore which she helps run every Saturday and buys Romeo and Juliet matching book marks so that they always have Romeo and Juliet’s favorite ones.

Romeo and Juliet could also meet at Romeo and Romeo’s hangout spot which Romeo has wanted to take Romeo there for a while now but Romeo has been too nervous to ask so Romeo uses Romeo’s bookmarks as the perfect excuse! As your story nears the end because remember that this is a modern re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, not an alternate universe or parallel universe version then you may want to come up with some other obstacles for Romeo and Juliet besides those which hindered them in their original story.

Romeo and Juliet have been together for a year, but Romeo has been straying. Romeo is not engaged to another girl—he is just starting to get bored with Juliet. This letter correspondence will follow Romeo’s perspective while he texts Juliet, and his apologies for what he has done.

Despite the pain Romeo inflicted on her in their relationship, Juliet has been Romeo’s best friend since they were little kids. When Romeo finds out that Juliet is going on a date with someone else, he is filled with guilt and dismayed at himself for how he has treated her; Romeo does not want to lose his best friend. Romeo decides to make it up to her by asking her out again.

I hope you like my modern Romeo and Juliet letter correspondence! Enjoy! If you have any questions about my creative writing assignment, feel free to contact me!

Romeo: Hey Jules, can we talk?

I saw your text this morning and now I’m worried as hell about us. I know things haven’t been perfect lately but’s killing me that you might think that I don’t care about you anymore. You’re my best friend, I’ve never loved anyone like I love you and Romeo never gets tired of loving Juliet.

Romeo has been acting strange for a while now, but Juliet is really worried because Romeo hasn’t contacted her in days. Romeo told her he would text her this morning, but Romeo didn’t message her; Romeo’s not answering his phone either. There was something different about Romeo recently—he wasn’t as faithful to her as he used to be. Before the change, Romeo hadn’t ever even flirted with other girls—he had always wanted only Juliet. Has Romeo started seeing someone else?

Juliet: Hey! Yeah we can talk later tonight if you want. Romeo: I really appreciate that, Jules. Romeo: I know we’re not doing exactly what Romeo and Juliet did but Romeo means a lot to me too! Romeo: We can talk now if you’d like. 

Rome Romeo: You don’t need Romeo and Juliet because the love between Romeo and Juliet is timeless and unconditional, Jules—it’ll always be there for you.

Juliet: Oh…I’m sorry…I didn’t know things were so bad 🙁 I thought Romeo was okay…? Romeo: No, no, it’s my fault! I’ve been such an idiot lately! There’s nothing or anyone to worry about; just forget everything that happened these last few :/ just tell me how you’ve been and Romeo will take care of the rest. Romeo: I love you! Romeo is so lucky to have a Juliet like you.

Juliet: Romeo…I’m fine, but Romeo…I would never want to come between Romeo and Juliet because it’s killing Romeo. After everything we went through together, I don’t want to lose Romeo. Romeo: Lose me?

What do you mean?

Juliet hasn’t answered him yet—the two texts he sent her minutes before were both unanswered. Romeo gets his phone out again and calls Juliet, but she doesn’t answer his call either. The more time that passes without hearing from her, the more worried Romeo becomes; something could be wrong with her or she could be with another guy. Romeo decides to send Romeo one more text message before rushing out of his house to find Juliet.

Romeo: Where are you?! Romeo is freaking out because Romeo hasn’t heard from you all day—you’re never like this! Romeo’s coming over right now, alright?

Juliet answers back, telling Romeo that she just got out of the shower and will be ready for Romeo in fifteen minutes. Romeo rushes through getting ready and walks next door quickly to see if he can catch her before she goes anywhere else. When Romeo arrives at her place, there’s no answer; Juliet isn’t home yet. Romeo waits outside for a bit before deciding to go inside and wait for her instead—he doesn’t want to miss Romeo and Juliet because Romeo needs to talk to Romeo. Romeo knows he has been an idiot lately but Romeo would never do anything to jeopardize what Romeo and Juliet have together.

He’s been waiting for a little bit when he hears the front door open—it’s only Gianna, his next-door neighbor who tells Romeo that Juliet will be right out after she finishes getting ready. Romeo nods and sits back down on the couch, impatiently waiting for her date with Romeo to come to an end. When she walks around the corner Romeo stands up quickly and approaches her; she doesn’t look okay at all!

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