Should Drugs Be Allowed In Sports Essay

Drugs and sports do not mix with each other. Drugs shouldn’t be allowed in sports because, some players will be better than others, or people might get suspended from playing the game or get cut and some players if you take too much might even overdose. Significance is that there is a lot of kids using steroids to make them bigger and better, which is putting other kid’s self-esteem down. Each kid no matter what they play, their parents, family, peers and even you want to be the best one on the field. Drugs shouldn’t be allowed because some players will be better than others and that will cause many conflicts between kids and parents.

When other kids are better than others a lot of them will get put down. Other players will get discourage or some may even try harder of start using drugs too. Most of the time the kids will quit and move on to another sport. Even some parents will get into fights saying who’s better out of all the kids. Parents always should be happy for their kids even if they are the worst player on the team. http://www. ulster. ac. uk/ Parents sometimes might even tell the kids to start taking drugs because other kids do it.

They may see kids bigger and better, and just want to skip out on being at the weight room and working hard, to just take drugs and getting better off that. Parents, family and peers are big impacts on kids that take drugs. If you’re not the best on the field and you keep trying hard and get nowhere, kids might want to try different sports. Some the easy way out is quitting and getting out of sports. Players that get caught will get suspended or cut. Sometimes if you’re too good your fans may like you, but the other teams will hate you. Coaches from other teams can ask for you to get drug tested, if you are doing so good.

If you do get caught and the league officials find out, then you’ll get suspended. http://espn. go. com/special/s/drugsandsports/. In high school, NCAA, and NFL you will be suspended for a lot of games especially in the NFL. If you keep on abusing the drug policy there’s a chance you can get kicked out of that sport permanently and never play that sport again. Kids and adults that play sports take drugs just to get better but they never think about, what’s going to happen in the long run. If you are suspended for a long time then the coach might just cut you because he doesn’t have any use for you.

You can be the best one on the team and coach needs someone to fill your position, so he releases you or kicks you off the team. He may say once your suspension is up you can come back on, but if that person does better then you then he really doesn’t even need you. You can overdose from taking too much drugs. When you take the drugs you can overdose at any time. You can get diseases from taking drugs. When you take drugs and you’re playing sports you might have more increased chance of getting heart attacks while playing or have major life threating situations.

You might not feel it when you take the drugs when you’re playing, but after you can feel the side effects. When you take the drugs you might be like, a little more won’t hurt well sometimes that little more will put you in the hospital. People that overdose have a good chance of going to rehab for drugs and if you’re in sports they’ll suspend you from the game fro month or even years. http://www. drugs. ie/. Drugs make you feel good when you take it. so if you keep taking it and taking it you might think a little bit more won’t harm you. So as soon as you start taking more you will end up laying on the floor waiting for someone to find you.

Some will never get over the drugs and stay in rehab for month’s maybe even years. That’s what can happen when you take too much drugs you overdose. Therefore you should never use drugs, especially when you’re in sports. Drugs and sports should never be allowed together. http://www. teachpe. com/ that’s why people in High School, NCAA, and NFL need to start being drugs tested a lot more. There might even be someone in your state using drugs maybe even in your own school no one knows about until they get caught. That’s why more people need to start getting drugs tested instead of worrying about where there getting there next shipment of drugs.