Sioux Protests: The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Essay

Andy Nunez
Mr. Moody
Standing Rock
Standing Rock
Traditional lands and modern day standards of living have diminished tribal reservations creating conflict between native Indian tribes and industries. The Great Sioux natives have inhabited lands in the U.S for centuries therefore, I believe they have the rights to keep their lands reserved and separated from modernization of our country. The Standing Rock reservation has been home to native Indians and has been threaten to be modernized by oil industries and pipeline that will run through their lands and impact the way of life. The Standing Rock protests should be recognized and heard because the destruction industries are creating in our environment should be put to halt. The purpose…

These lands have been tampered with by the government, reducing them throughout history separating these lands into six different sections. The government has not enforced these treaties such as the Executive Order of March 16 ,1875, giving the native Indians the right to keep their lands but only to reduce them. Acts by our government have caused deprivations and great losses to our native Indians. The past shouldn’t repeat itself these natives have suffered time and time again but the government continues to industrialize these reserved lands instead of respecting them.
The Standing rock is a current event that has affected not only Indian tribes but also our communities standing up for this cause. People have been protesting, risking their lives in what they believe in, while our government enforces it’s military and police towards its people. These brave Indians and war veterans have been physically and mentally abused by the government and has not came to the attention of leaders causing a sense helplessness to our people. The police have been using excessive force such as using pepper spray, bean bag rounds and even sound cannons (BBC…

The effects of the contamination of the water supply will impact our native tribe’s food source such as crops and animals. These affects should concern the government because of the contamination of lands and waters that run through the country. These pipelines run high risks of spillage on to the soil and water sources. The environment will be no longer a good use as a source of crops or a water supply if the oil pipeline is implemented. The native people have been living in these areas and have relied on food and water for these lands and should be reserved not only for Natives use but for even survival of these human beings (Los Angeles Times).
This land has been affected by industrialization in the past such as the Oahu dam that flooded their reservations in the past. The Indian natives have had enough of these new constructions by the ways that it effects people. These companies that construct these projects do not think in the future but only in present. These companies keep their priorities and do not realize the consequences these people have to suffer for their constructions. The past should not repeat itself rather should learn from it and what it can cause if we don’t think…