Stacy Moskowitz Film

“Snuff film” is a film that some claim to depict actual murder. The film would be an authentic recording of such, as if someone had filmed the events and sold copies on the black market. Supposedly, this film would continue to be traded on the street and watched by people who find it entertaining. Snuff film is a film of an actual murder. It is either sold or bootlegged for sale on the black market. Anyone who would willingly watch such a film has severe psychological problems, not to mention that they are criminals themselves, because it can be just as bad as actually doing the killing.

The film industry is a billion dollar business and the market is always looking for new film ideas to tap into. Films that we see today were not always as we know them now. The film Snuff film was one of the earliest horror film genres and began in New York City in 1968. Snuff film began with a real life tragedy when twenty-two-year old actress, Stacy Moskowitz, was murdered by her film partner, director, Andy Milligan. After news spread of the murder Milligan was put on trial while he continued to film pornographic movies under various pseudonyms including Dracula.

He died at age sixty-seven while incarcerated in Rikers Island prison where he was serving time for grand larceny. The film industry has come a long way since then and now takes pride in giving the public what they want to see, good horror films that will make them jump out of their seats. There are certificates for film ratings; G, PG, M which tell you how much violence is shown in film as well as the level of horror it may contain. This film is different however because there was no plot or motive other than murder.

No reason why this film should ever be shown because not only does it show us an act of true terror but also what happens after death when someone’s body goes unclaimed. Snuff film has become one of the most searched film genres on film sites and is a film that has been banned in many countries. It was the first film genre to be released as a film and not as part of an anthology as seen in One, Two, Three (1961) or as a double feature such as The House That Screamed (1969). Because this film was one huge production it was given its own name by those who witnessed it’s horror and called it Snuff film.

Police have taken great efforts in trying to stop this film from being made and distributed, but it’s just too hard since anyone with access to film equipment could do so easily under the right circumstances – their only motive would be money. Those involved in this kind of film are mainly drug smugglers since they spend most of their time traveling around different parts of the world, where they are free to make film copies without detection by local authorities. The film is usually traded on the black market, and once it has been bought and viewed by someone, it disappears.

Thus, police cannot find film copies that they can analyze and use as evidence to put criminals behind bars. But since this film is not very common in the city of New York city, there’s no need for nervousness or paranoia about finding such a film. There are too many other crimes going on nowadays than snuff films. Mainly everyone should be worried about getting killed themselves as opposed to being killed on film as entertainment for others with low moral values.

Of film crews who financed their projects with the lives of other human beings, film crews who shot women and children, film crews who killed to make a buck. But if I did so, people would think this is nothing more than sensationalism run amok. And I don’t want to be accused of such things because the world needs to know what’s happening behind closed doors in Eastern Europe and all around the globe. People need to understand how economic struggles have created an industry that is killing for profit – film crews who finance their films through cold-blooded murder – film crews killing just to stay in business!

Let me start with Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante . They were sitting in their car on a Brooklyn street at 2:30 in the morning. It was raining and they were parked under a streetlight close to where Stacy lived with her mother. The young couple had been out for the evening and planned to stop at Robert’s home before going on to Stacy’s. They were kissing – just enjoying an innocent good night kiss – when a man dressed all in black stepped into the cone of light and fired five shots from a . 44 caliber Bulldog revolver. The first bullet hit Stacy Moskowitz in the left orbital area penetrating her brain, dropping her immediately.

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