Summary: Manipulating Reality TV Essay

Surprisingly, reality TV lacks on one important factor that reality TV should incorporate, and that is reality. Many television programs full of high entertainment and creativity are full of lies and as well. Most television producers and directors edit conversations and persuade the stars to make certain decisions. Although there is no written script for the show, that doesn’t stop TV workers from altering reality. LifeTime’s popular reality TV program about the life of a competitive dance team for the Abbey Lee Dance Company, better known as Dance Moms, is guilty of manipulation.

Dance mom Jill Vertes admits in a June 2013 meet and greet that the show is “enhanced” to make scenes more dramatic. Jill states that they are “suggested” certain phrases for them to say in some situations, causing a lack of reality to the show. Well known dancers on the show: Chloe Lukasiak (age 14), Brooke Hyland (age 17), and Paige Hyland (age 15) are portrayed as members of the ALDC Elite Dance Team. In reality, these girls don’t even dance in the ALDC anymore and are no longer part of the team, as they have quit.

Abbey Lee states in an interview, “They are not members of the Abbey Lee Dance Company. These girls walk into my studio to shoot the show, that’s it. ” Team member Maddie Zeigler confirms that another teammate known as Kalani Hilliker (age 15) never actually danced in the studio at all and isn’t an actual member of the team. The performances are simply done twice. Once for the judges with the actual teammates and once for filming with all the members of the members of the show.

Faking characters resemble as just one example of how reality TV isn’t real. Other Shows like HGTV’s House Hunters have manipulated situations, causing false or exaggerated television.. The buyers in the episodes of the shows have often already purchased a home. House Hunters have the buyer tour other homes and have them pretend they’re are looking to buy a house, but in reality they have already purchased one, and are asked to just put on a show for the cameras.

ApartmentTherapy. com states that the shows like Love It or List It and Property Brothers have a similar process. The producers find people who have already purchased homes and script the buyers deciding where to live. This specific method of manipulation is most likely used so that the show runs smoothly, but what reality TV forgets to show is that reality doesn’t run smoothly. Cooking competition shows seem less hard to fake, but they are no exception, because they are guilty of altering scenes that are supposed to be “reality”.

A former culinary assistant on cupcake wars states that all she did was put the finished cupcakes on the table for the judges. She shares that many of the problems on the show that make for more drama are the producers’ faults. For instance, When an oven is too hot, it’s actually just a TV worker turning it up when nobody’s looking or hiding a pan when the chef’s are unable to find it. An interview with the Chopped producers say that they try to cause drama and get their chef’s to fight, but they just won’t do it.

The producers state ‘We’ve tried for ages to get them to sabotage one another. We put them in that sequester room for a long period of time and while they are in there, they bond. ” This just shows that TV producers try their hardest to create better ratings for the show. Even if it means creating fake drama. Nevertheless, It is understandable that TV programs need to enhance their stories to get more money. After all, it is their job and reality can get very boring. Nobody wants to watch a movie about basic life when that is what they are already living.

It’s simply just not interesting. People want to watch shows that are out of the ordinary. Drama is exciting and the producers will make it happen at any cost. Some parts may be true, but this still doesn’t change the fact that so much of reality TV is still faked and passed on as reality. Many people have watched popular reality TV shows and have been given a false look to the real world, due to this kind of manipulation. A former contestant on Hell’s Kitchen states that nothing about reality TV is real.

Act yourself” they say, “Do it again” they say, “Do it like this and say it like this” they say, “Act natural” they say. The producers have a storyline in mind and that’s how it is edited. If they change their mind, they can and will redo the audio after the fact to make it fit their goals, even if that is weeks after the fact. ” Reality TV is an entertaining craze and will continue to become more fake over time. It’s the ratings that the producers are after, and more excitement means more viewers. The excitement will come at any cost, especially the lack of reality.