Swot Analysis Of Tim Hortons Essay

competitors in the mall? What make your store unique?
The two stores products are similar but Aldo’s quality seems better, because at call it spring the thread was coming out and they seemed a bit dirty. Also the service was better in Aldo because when we came in the workers greeted us and introduced themselves, on the other hand the worker at spring was looking at the computer and didn’t even acknowledge when we came in. Besides there was only one worker in call it spring, while there was three in Aldo, so in call it spring customers had to wait to ask questions, check out or for a shoe size.
3. Write a detailed description of the characteristics of the customers.
Aldo’s target market is for men and women aged 16 to 45, with a chic, trendy, bold fashion sense. The people who shop from this store have a medium to high purchasing power and willingness to spend on their appearance/ image. This is because there products are not cheap, they are a bit…

Does the competition do well in any of the following areas? Describe at least three of the below areas for competitors in the mall.

Location: Tim Horton’s is kind of hidden, it is where the new area is being built, although people exist that way so people might want to grab a warm drink for that cold day or cold drink for a warm day. Also the people who come from the go train come in that way and the first thing they see is the Tim Horton’s. On the other hand Starbucks is in an open area, it is on the side of the building close to the washroom, a lot of people stop by to the washroom they see Starbucks so they will start carving it. The exist is a bit further compared to Tim Horton’s.
Pricing: Tim Horton is much cheaper than Starbucks, in Tim Horton’s you can get a small coffee for is for $1.33, while a small coffee in Starbucks is $1.95. This is just the coffee; there is also a price difference in the food. For example a chocolate chip cookie in Tim Horton’s is $1.30, while a cookie in Starbucks is…