The Negative Impact Of Pop Culture On Women Essay

The unlimited exposure to branding and advertisement through pop culture has had a negative impact on the lifestyle for women. Advertisement has brainwashed women in thinking that they must conform to looking a certain way to be accepted into society. The value of women has diminished overtime due to different branding techniques and stigmas attached to females. Branding and advertisement per pop culture has made it difficult for the growth and empowerment for women.

Advertisement has brainwashed women in thinking that they must conform into looking a certain way to be accepted into society. Women always face the most scrunity by the public especially when it comes to apprecance. Reports show that young girls “are spending substainal sums on beauty products”(Meikle), to keep with the trends. These young girls begin to seek an adult lifestyle at an early age. “Among 11- to 16-year-olds, nearly eight in 10 say they shave or wax their legs, more than six in 10 wear make-up to school and four in 10 shave or wax their bikini line and/or wear a padded bra.

Nearly two-thirds of 7- to 11-year-olds use nail polish, half wear makeup and one in three wears high heels, although they see this as just “being a girl”(Meikle). When is just “being a girl” gone to far. Advertisement forces young girls to mature fatser in society. The minds of these girls are corrupted into thinking that their apprenace is more important that anything. This is a problem because young girls will begin to believe that they are not attractive or beautiful because they could not afford a particular beauty enhancer.

Young girls who following these trends are often trying to look older than what they look to stand out in society. These girls start to seek that attention of male counterparts at a age that is not acceptable. Mutiple studies Body image is promoted through advertisment and branding. Pictures and videos of beautiful woman that surface media “has built up impossible standards of beauty, which has led to feelings of inadequacy among women”(Brition). These unrealisito images weakens the self-confidence and self-esteem of women.

Mutiple studies show how the media negatively effects selfimage for women. For example the notorious Victoria Secret fashion show advertise women with petite waist lines, firm butts, and perky breast enhanced by their famous bras. Women desire the bodies of these models and as a result, numerous teenage girls and women go out and purchase these items to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. Writer, Emily Wilson feels that young girls should “spend time focusing on loving you for you, not trying to be another girl.

You have a soul, you have dreams, and you have so much to offer the world”(Wilson). Wilson adds that young girls should “love themselves enough to know that you are not the sum of what you look like”(Wilson). Another example that effects self-image can be found within NFL cheerleadering organizations. These women are asked to drastically change their lifestyle for a certain body type. These women must endure a grueling process to ensure that their bodies match the persona of a cheerleader. Eating disorders is a very comomn disease that women in this career have, to maintain their shape.

The media has a huge impact on disordered eating, and there have been numerous studies showing a correlation between exposure to media images of skinny women and disordered eating and exercising”(Natalie). The body image that women desire the most is sometimes unattainale based of your body type. Every girl is not meant to be skinny, thin or slinder. Writer Erika Kendall warns” that regardless of size, as a womn in public, they will never leave you alone. It will always be something”(Kendall) The Hip-Hop culture is a perfect example of how the media negatively advertise women.

If the reader were to watch or listen to any rap song it is very likely that the listener will hear explcit lyrics disrespect and denoucing women more than enough. Female rap icon Nicki Minaj is a powerful, smart and a beautiful women along with an abundance of monumental accomplishments for women. However, her career is based around her being a sex symbol rather than an artist. Minaj attire is usually very vulgar and sexy to appeal too her peers. Minaj often incorporates sexual innuendos in her dialogue to appeal too her audience. This is practiced by other women in her field also.

Rapper Remy ma is also an offender of using sexually explicit lyrics in her records to appel to her peers. Both of these women are talented, but still have to degrade women or sell thier bodies to attact the public. This is detremental to young girls who look up to them because these rappers are very influential. In a recent discussion Hip-Hop discussion, Remy stated that “Im not here to rasie anyone’s children,”, as it pertains to her lyrics and music. Members of this forum were trying to inform Remy how much power she hold and that her words are influential to young girls.

One member stated that “hip-hop is affecting young people, join me in the schools where junior high school girls are (performing fellatio) in the hallways”(Dawson). The content of this records gudide young girls into thinking that that type of behavior is wanted and accepted by society. Why is that? Media outlets has deemed these actions acceptable because of the response from the public. Hip-hop culture is one of the most influential movemnts through music and media. Most of the music in Hip-Hop uses profanity and other slang words such as thot, hoes, and bitches when referring to women.

Hip-Hop videos are raunchy and explict, one may view the material as pornographic material. Women in these videos are asked to wear the most reveling clothing possible and pose in numerous “sex-like” positions throughout the music video. The women in these videos give a false sense of beauty and happiness. Most of the women in this industry has had at least one medical procedure to enhance their body. Most common today, a boob job or butt injections tend stick out the most. “For their extraordinary assets, video models were awarded the glamorous life.

They were flown to exotic locales, put up in five-star hotels and paid handsomely to enhance the sexy of a rapper or singer”(Lucas). Young girls are undr the impression that they must degrade themselves or disrespect themselves to get the attention they desire. Social Media has an significant imprint on the neagtive effects for defing beauty standards in society. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all media outlets that provide the most current beauty standards. User for these applications are able to connect with different users and share thoughts and information.

Other choose to use media outlets “to spread information quickly and often anonymously, and to target victims any time of the day”(Disrae). This creates an atmosphere for cyberbullying. Young girls who are often uncomfortable with the self-image, try to pull down other girls by posting embarsing pictures of them or posting something bad about them on social media. “Once the kid hits send, there’s no way to control it, it takes only one embarrassing photograph to constitute cyberbullying”(Disare). All media outlets have contributed to cyberbulling in one way or another.

Girls tend to be more peerfocused than boys, and therefore more prone to forms of bullying such as exclusion and rumor spreading”(Disare) “The problem is that no one can stop cyberbullying because most of the time, they are annoumous. Efforts have been made to stop the violence, in fact a case study in 2012 proved that “only onethird of cyberbullying victims told an adult about their experiences. Girls were almost twice as likely to seek help than boys”(Disrae). Media has been able to transform beauty standrads in society.

In conclusion I would like to state that the disrespect and appreciation level for women in our society in absurd. And it is almost sad to see how society can break down a woman. Women have been a key component to the survival of all mankind and should be treated with much more respect that society gives. It is unacceptable to call women out of their names or put them under any physical harm at any point. Pop culture has created a stigma that most women are useless unless they are showcasing themselves as sex symbols. This stigma needs to be earsed by society.

Women’s status is something that should never be tatited or challenged. The power woman posse puts them on a pedestal that cannot be reached. In the same sense, women have to be able to hold this status with dignity, power, and respect. Although pop culture does play a role in the negative advertisment of women, women have to assert themselves to and not allow society to pull them down or drag their names through the mudd because of their actions. All women are strong, competent, and amazing species that we have to learn to cherish and appreciate.