The Tale Of Beowulf Essay

The tale of Beowulf Beowulf is an epic heroic novel, considered one of the greatest form of English literature. This poem was written in the Old Saxon dialect of the old English. The original date this poem was written is unknown, pretty mysterious, right? In 1805 was the year the novel was released with the translation to modern English by Sharon Turner. In the year 1999, the first official movie was released. In 2005 other versions of this story was released, but renamed and called Beowulf and Grendel.

A few years later one more version came out with the original name Beowulf. The original Beowulf had 3182 lines. In the late fifteenth hundred was where this novel took place and in Sweden. Although this was written for entertainment and labeled as fiction, there are parts of the story that were separated from fiction events and real historical event, such as the raid by king Hygelac into Frasia. Much more evidence, as well as the grave of Othere, was dated C. 530 and his son to C. 575 in upper Sweden. There were points that connected with real historical time.

Anglo-Saxons were a tribe of people who lived in Great Britain in the 5th century and almost everyone was converted to Christianity. When Beowulf was written Christianity only began to grow in England. Throughout this book, there are strong religious messages. The Christians in this novel seem to be new upcoming Christians learning to live this new lifestyle. They try to be faithful to their religion but with these tough times, they are finding it hard. Their new faith and end up turning to their Pagan traditions.

Most of them had strong christened beliefs but none christen actions and Beowulf was one of them. Beowulf does not live by Christian laws but he has very similar beliefs like dedication to his people. Beowulf was a self in loved character with a very strong love for his own race. Beowulf is a mighty hero that travels great lengths to help those who are in need of sustenance. He decides to help the Danes when he hears they were stricken with the terror of Grendel a great monster who is undefeated. Beowulf is very prideful and believes he is the most well-founded man around.

He has no belief in a loss, a prideful man. With this much pride taking in Beowulf doesn’t seem like much of a challenge this kind of pride gives him the courage to kill Grendel. Having pride that welcomes in that amount of courage is not a positive thing. Through the tales of Beowulf’s in Sharon Turner translation of “Beowulf,” it is clearly shown that Beowulf is very prideful, which leads to his destruction. King Hrothgar, he was the king of Deans. Hrothgar was a very generous man and purchased loyalty but he was too old and weak to defend his tribe from the terror that Grendel brought upon them.

Wighlaf was Beowulf’s right hand and was a very loyal man as well as we had no weaknesses, while the fight with the dragon every warrior ran away but Wughlaf stayed by his side. Unferth he was very bold and retrieved Beowulf his sword but he killed all his friends and was not a kind person, he was jealous of Beowulf, As well as he carried his doubts for Beowulf and what he was capable of. Grendel was a demon cane, who threatened and killed everyone who came his way he was undefeated but his only weakness ended up being Beowulf. Grendel’s mother was a beast that lived in the swamps and had no name.

Beewolf believes in life after death but does not believe in the entrance to heaven. He was a very prideful man and the victory in the battle with Grendel gave him pride and was the very reason that killed him. Beowulf was a mixture of many things and had religious views as well as non-religious views. Beowulf believed to be the greatest soldier and believed he could defeat anyone. Beowulf was a very prideful man and his pride and braveness created a well-known name. His victories were not the only thing that made him famous, those things did play a role and he gained respect from people.

His greatest victories were not the only thing that everyone respected, they as well respected his braveness his pride and attitude. Everyone feared Grendel, but Beowulf said: “When it comes to fighting, I count myself as dangerous any day as Grendel” Moreover he knew this was his opportunity to show his greatness. He is known as a substantial, courageous man, but notwithstanding the truth Unferth, still had doubts his capability. Nevertheless, Beowulf takes on challenges to prove he is indestructible because of his prideful and does not want people second guessing him.

Certainly, there are not many people who have hesitation as a result of his prideful claims. He absolutely is not second guessing himself. Beowulf is very triumphant because he believes in himself and he is very ambitious. When Beowulf goes to fight Grendel’s mother, he says “I guarantee you: she will not get away” the dignity that Beowulf id showing is a good thing for him. He is this fortunate because his pride rejects defeat, he only knows how to win. Defeat is a black area for him. Although Beowulf’s pride brings him the benefit, it also causes his destruction.

Beowulf is so deliberate about the thought of him having glory for his success, and he concentrated on winning in a way that will bring him the most glory. The moments of preparation to defeat the dragon, Beowulf announces, “This fight is not yours, nor is it up to any man except me to measure his strength against the monster/ or to prove his worth”. No longer is winning enough for Beowulf, he’s so consumed by his pride. He wants his name to be remembered for all of the time, for him to always be remembered he had to do something no one has ever done before something extraordinary.

Beowulf fights without defending himself without any weapons and fights alone, all because he is only streaming to gain more glory by fighting more alarmingly. He is ready to above and beyond the expectation of him, because he knows he what to expect, he knows more glory and respect will come for him. He wants more and more. He fights dangerously to bring satisfaction to his ego. Consequently, Beowulfs greed for glory led to his destruction, which had cost him his life. If he had not been so prideful and thought logically he wouldn’t have been a fallen soldier, his warriors were ready to fight and ready to protect him.

He was so consumed with his pride to let anyone else take away from his glory. Beowulf was beyond prideful, can you imagine what kind of pride yo need to enter a fight against a monster with a greater power than him. His pride ended his life, he was destructed by a force greater than kind. Beowulf’s achievements and the attention he received adds to his pride. He fell in love with being the greatest, he wanted to achieve was has never been achieved. Beowulf was very proud of himself and all of his successful actions.

But for the great Beowulf, all his glory and his success were never enough and he was so hungry for more glory he continued to search for more to satisfy himself to feed his pride. Each victory fueled his desire and fed his pride for more pride, and he continued to hunt for battles to achieve the great status he wanted for himself. His hunt led him to a battle that had destructed him to, and his pride inevitably caused his death. The story of Beowulf teaches you a few very important things, your life is valuable and chasing fame and pride is the path that self-destruction.

Beowulf didn’t know when enough was actually enough, he was chasing something that never destined to be him. Admitting when you need help is vital to you and your survival. Pride can ruin any human, you need to know when you have reached your enough, but not everyone knows when they’ve had enough. We all want to have more, more is better, well that’s what we think. This epic heroic poem tells the story of a man who goes all lengths to prove how heroic he is. Throughout this whole poem, Beowulf faces three major battles. It all began with his battle with the monster by the name of Grendel.

Following that battle, he faces Grendel’s mother and both battles were successful raising his pride even more. His final battle he with an infuriated dragon. With each battle he faces, Beowulf finds developing difficulty in his opponent but overcomes and saves both the Geats and the Deans from being extinct from the monsters, and with every battle that Beowulf has faced, he proves that he is honorable of having the title of a hero. It had seemed that glory and fame come from all of the success in battle, and these became great accomplishments but not to the person who realizes these accomplishments but to God.

This poem had a great amount of faith and religion. This was the purpose of the anarchist when they added many lines which of them associate Beowulf’s deeds to God’s good graces. This can be seen many times in the poem in what Beowulf says things such as “the lord of life” “The ruler of heaven” Almighty god”. When Beowulf was killed by the dragon it proved that he was a mortal. Beowulf was considered a true hero that does not fear death or, but instead risks his life and everything that he believes is right.

Beowulf tells a story of a legendary hero that had thought he had not limited, he acted as if he was immortal and death was not something in could threaten him. Beowulf has always chased danger and committed heroic acts. He was exposed to be a mortal when he was defeated by the dragon. Most heroes have one thing in common they are fearless and ready to give up everything as well as their life to accomplish their heroic actions. The first literary superhero was considered to be Beowulf. He was an ordinary human but was considered to have abnormal powers like his strength.