Theme Of Poison In Hamlet Essay

When the ghost of king hamlet and young are alone, the ghost speaks. It claims to be the spirit of king hamlet, murdered by Claudius. Though the story is that king hamlet was napping in his garden and was stung by a serpent, in reality Claudius poured poison into the sleeping kings ear, murdering the king and sending him to purgatory since he was not given a opportunity to confess his sins before his death. This scene of deceit also correlated to and biblical story of adam and eve where the serpent enter the garden and corrupts them both. The ghost reveals truth. Also note that the way claudius murdered king hamlet, by pouring poison into king hamlet’s ear, is actually a perfect metaphor for lying, for using language to hide reality. Poison is illustration of metaphors that Shakespeare commonly uses. It is mentioned a numerous amounts of times in referring to Claudius but it is also used when referring to Denmark’s state, “Who this had seen, with tongue in venom steeped against Fortune’s state would treason have pronounced”….